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In the Village of Romeo, Michigan, domestic violence charges are taken seriously and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you have been arrested and charged with an assault against a spouse, partner, or family member, you need specialized legal help if you are going to beat the charges.

But not every attorney knows how to fight domestic violence allegations. In Michigan, the law is nuanced, and the difference between dropped or reduced charges and a misdemeanor or felony conviction is often a matter of interpretation and legal argument in court.

To win your case, you need the best domestic violence defense lawyers.

You need Blank Law, PC.

Domestic Violence Explained

“Domestic violence” is a blanket term used to describe causing or attempting to cause mental or physical harm to a current or former spouse, intimate partner, family member, or roommate. That broad definition includes several different unlawful acts:

To be clear, domestic violence is not only physical – it is also illegal to cause or attempt to cause mental harm or behave in such a way that would make a reasonable person feel threatened, harassed, or fearful.

In other words, you can be arrested for domestic violence in Romeo, even if you have never touched the other person.

Experience You Can Trust

Because there are so many different crimes that can be prosecuted as domestic violence, you need a defense attorney with vast experience handling similar cases.

This is the first reason why you need Blank Law – the top domestic violence criminal defense lawyers in Romeo, Michigan.

For over 20 years, founder Nicole Blank Becker has argued for both sides of the law – as an Assistant Prosecutor for Macomb County and as a private defense attorney. While working for the Macomb County District Attorney, Nicole served as Chief of the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Units.

Just as impressive, defense attorney Christopher Coyle was a Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor for over 30 years, eventually serving as Deputy Chief of the county’s Special Victims Unit.

This gives them the breadth and depth of experience needed to help you beat domestic violence charges. They have seen it all, and they know what works.

That is 50-plus years of experience that could and should be working for you. Contact Blank Law TODAY for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Because they headed their county’s Special Victims, Sex Crimes, and Child Abuse units, Nicole and Chris have handled hundreds of cases just like yours.

Their experience as former prosecutors gives them a distinct advantage over other defense attorneys in Romeo. They can anticipate the other side’s next moves and counter with the most effective strategy possible.

To discuss your situation and the best past forward, reach out to Blank Law today. The first consultation is FREE.

A Reputation That Works for You

Because they have worked so extensively as defense lawyers in the Detroit Metro, Nicole and Chris have earned their outstanding reputations within the local legal community – not just in Romeo, but throughout Macomb County, across the state of Michigan, and even nationally.

That benefits you because they know and are known by the prosecutors and judges of the 42nd District Court and the 16th Circuit Court – strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies.

When the Macomb County DA realizes they are facing the domestic violence experts at Blank Law, they become much more likely to reduce or drop charges or make a favorable plea bargain arrangement.

Blank Law is your first and best resource to help you beat domestic violence charges in Romeo. Call TODAY for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Where Are Romeo Domestic Violence Cases Tried?


The 42nd District Court Division 1 serves the Village of Romeo.

42nd District Court Division 1

14713 33 Mile Road

P.O. Box 6

Romeo, MI 48065

(586) 752-9679


16th Judicial Circuit Court

40 N. Main

Mount Clemons, MI 48043

(586) 858-0344

Romeo Domestic Violence Judges

42nd District Court

There is one judge presiding over the 42-1 District Court in Romeo.

Honorable Jennifer A. Andary

16th Judicial Circuit Court Domestic Violence Judges

Honorable James M. Biernat, Jr. (Chief Judge)

Honorable Matthew S. Switalski (Chief Judge Pro Tempore)

Honorable Richard L. Caretti (Presiding Judge, Civil/Criminal Division)

Honorable Terri Lynn Dennings

Honorable Diane M. Druzinski

Honorable Jennifer M. Faunce

Honorable Julie Gatti

Honorable James M. Maceroni

Honorable Rachel Rancillo

Honorable Matthew P. Sabaugh

Honorable Edward A. Servitto, Jr.

Honorable Michael Servitto

Honorable Joseph Toia

Honorable Kathryn A. Viviano

Honorable Tracey A. Yokich

Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney

Peter J. Lucido

One South Main

3rd Floor

Mount Clemons, WI 48043

(586) 469-5350

Macomb County Domestic Violence Unit

Victoria Policicchio

(586) 469-9854

42nd District Court and 16th Circuit Court Parking

The 42nd District Court in Romeo has two large parking lots on the west and south sides of the building.

The parking lot for the 16th Circuit Court in Mount Clemons is on the building’s northwest side.

Nearby Restaurants


Some of the local options in Romeo for lunch or a victory meal include:

Jayell Smokehouse BBQ

151 S. Main Street

(586) 372-7050


Buon Appetito Italian Cuisine

17 W. Lafayette

(586) 785-3157


Yum Yum Thai

235 E. St. Clair St.

(586) 336-9300


Romeo Family Restaurant

66020 Van Dyke Road

Washington, MI (Just south of Romeo, between 30 and 31 Mile Roads)

(586) 752-6211

Mount Clemons


53 N. Walnut Street

(586) 307-3100


Thai Orchid Cuisine

60 Cherry Street

(586) 783-1727


Bath City Bistro

75 Macomb Place

(586) 469-0917

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