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It can be unsettling to be under investigation by law enforcement authorities for a crime. You could be taken into police custody or charged with a criminal offense if you have caused someone a personal injury or damage, regardless of whether the allegations are true.

The law allows you to defend yourself against criminal accusations. You could personally defend yourself in some criminal cases, while others require the aid of a criminal defense attorney. However, it would help to hire a criminal defense lawyer once you are being investigated, regardless of the nature of the offense.

You need legal counsel to help you navigate the criminal justice system successfully. Criminal offenses typically attract harsh penalties, so you should retain the services of a reputable legal firm to defend you.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Help

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in your defense against the criminal allegations brought against you is a crucial decision. You must carefully consider several factors in determining which law firm you can trust to fight aggressively for you.

You want to hire a lawyer with a reputation for success and relevant experience in the area of law under which the offense falls. You also want a criminal defense lawyer you can trust who will honor the attorney-client relationship and protect your confidentiality.

Another essential attribute of a reputable criminal defense law firm is top negotiation and trial skills to help you secure the best outcome for your case. It would be best if you had a lawyer who will work tirelessly and support you in beating the charges brought against you. Learn what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer here.

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Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC has decades of experience in criminal law as both a former prosecutor and a defense lawyer. This unique experience has helped her hone her negotiation and trial skills, thus enabling her to secure favorable results in the criminal cases our law firm handles. Reach out to her to schedule a Michigan criminal defense attorney free consultation today.

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Hire Blank Law, PC for our Top Negotiation & Trial Skills

Blank Law, PC is a criminal defense law firm with the legal versatility to confront and successfully handle cases with our top-notch negotiation and litigation skills. We provide several legal options and avenues to the criminal defendants we work with to advocate for their best interests during negotiations with or in court against prosecuting lawyers.

Our clients trust us because we do not cut corners or take the easy route. Instead, we work tirelessly with all the knowledge and resources at our disposal to create the best strategy and courses of action that put their interests first.

Our law firm prepares thoroughly for each court case to ensure that our clients get the best results, including a reduced penalty or getting the criminal charges against them completely dropped.

We examine every bit of evidence our clients supply and go the extra mile to conduct our private investigations in order to gather evidence that can help them in court. We consult forensic experts, medical officers, and other experts in relevant fields to provide us with more insight into building an aggressive defense. We also work with them to determine if the victim or complainant has suffered personal injury in any way or if the allegations are unfounded.

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We help our clients determine their options and the most suitable defense strategy for their unique situations. We also provide excellent legal advice and help them interact with law enforcement officers and prosecutors. Our legal services extend to clients in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and all around the state of Michigan.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges anywhere in Michigan, Blank Law, PC is ready to fight for you in and out of court. We can build a solid defense to help you avoid a conviction and the harsh penalties imposed on crimes in Michigan. Contact us to arrange a free consultation today.

Under Michigan Criminal Law

Blank Law, PC is a Top Criminal Defense Law Firm with Experience in Handling Criminal Cases in Michigan

Anyone charged with a crime in Michigan must hire a criminal defense attorney to defeat the criminal allegations. The penalties attached to crimes include lengthy terms of imprisonment, maximum life sentences, probation, fines, community service, and lifetime electronic monitoring.

Atty Nicole

Other punishments include court-ordered counselling, full or partial loss of custody, terminated parental rights, child abuse offender registration for criminal cases involving minors, and needing to register as a sex offender for sex crimes.

You need to hire a lawyer to avoid being convicted and punished. Our legal team at Blank Law, PC handles several criminal cases. We help defendants charged with misdemeanors and those facing charges for a felony offense. We specialize in sex crimes, also known as criminal sexual conduct in Michigan.

Blank Law PC Lawyers

All sex crimes fall under one of the four degrees of criminal sexual conduct, which are:

Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree

Can a Detroit Sex Crimes Lawyer Effectively Defend Me

The Blank Law, PC team are experts in defending all of the following types of sex crimes:

Indecent Exposure

Statutory Rape

Sexual Harassment

Child Sexual Abuse

Date Rape

Child Molestation

Child Pornography

Human Trafficking



● All Other Forms of Sexual Assault

We also handle DUI or drunk driving cases, murder, criminal cases involving federal law, financial fraud cases, or any other criminal cases in which you may have caused personal injury or damage to someone else.

Michigan Sex Crime Attorney Nicole Blank Becker

Our law firm is well-equipped to handle the most complex and challenging cases. Our team has decades of experience in criminal law. We can guide our clients on the most effective ways to deal with prosecutors. We understand the workings of the Michigan court system and can prepare our clients to navigate the criminal process successfully.

Having served as a former prosecutor in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Units in Macomb County, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker and her army at Blank Law, PC has built and sustained positive relationships with other prosecutors, court officials, and judges across Michigan. Our law firm has earned a solid reputation for displaying outstanding trial and negotiation skills in various cases and legal contexts.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

Nicole Blank Becker is known as a friendly, tenacious, and intelligent defense lawyer throughout the state. She is pragmatic with years of experience as a prosecutor, thus making her a formidable opponent to other prosecuting attorneys and legal adversaries. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has successfully defended several clients, working with them to navigate their unique circumstances over the years.

Having built positive relationships with legal peers, our law firm can leverage its stellar reputation as one of Michigan’s best defense legal teams to advance our clients’ best interests. Prosecutors are frequently considerably more inclined to make advantageous compromises or plea deals when they are aware that they are up against skilled litigators who have handled several criminal cases.

Nicole and Reporters

With that said, we still make our decisions and plan our defense strategies based on thorough analysis, even though our recognition gives our clients more excellent options.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker Fights for Those Accused of Criminal Offenses and Improves Their Chances of Avoiding a Conviction

Anyone facing criminal charges is entitled to legal representation by a defense attorney. While the judicial system benefits greatly from public defense attorneys, they might not be the best choice in your case. Public defenders represent you on behalf of the state, but it is often unclear how willing they are to fight for you.

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These public defense lawyers frequently have a backlog of cases, making it difficult for them to devote adequate attention to your case. Additionally, they are usually employed by a single court and, with time, develop a close relationship with local judges. This closeness often limits their willingness to hurt those connections in your defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

Therefore, hiring a private criminal attorney would be best rather than retaining a public defense lawyer. Consult Michigan attorney Nicole Blank Becker to put up a solid defense for you to avoid a criminal conviction.

Nicole fights aggressively for all her clients by conducting a thorough investigation of their cases to determine if the victims’ claims have any weight or have suffered any personal injury. She also considers all the options and legal defenses available to them and prepares for trial, where necessary. Contact our law firm for a free consultation today.

Nicole Becker of Blank Law Firm

Consult with Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Nicole Blank Becker to Fight Criminal Charges in Michigan

Blank Law, PC is your go-to defense law firm if you have been accused of criminal sexual conduct of any degree or causing someone else personal injury in a criminal case anywhere in Michigan. We engage in bold negotiations with prosecutors while working tirelessly to secure the best terms for our clients. We also fight aggressively for the clients we represent in court, when necessary.

Regardless of the nuances and complexities of your case, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to help you secure a favorable outcome. Additionally, you can feel secure knowing that our legal team is considered a formidable legal opponent and is renowned for its tenacity, integrity, and legal proficiency.

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Consult Michigan criminal defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker for a free consultation. Our legal team will provide all the information you need if you want to learn more about how our negotiation and trial abilities can help you or your loved one in a criminal case in Michigan.

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