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Sex Crimes Defense Blog

Is Cyberstalking a Crime?
Blank Law, PC Team

Is Cyberstalking a Crime? One of the most misunderstood – but also most common – sexual harassment crimes is a violation known as cyber stalking. Up to 40% of U.S. adults report that they have been harassed or stalked online. With our ever-present electronic devices – smartphones, computers, tablets, iPads – we are all online…

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Sexual Misconduct Charges: All You Need to Know
Blank Law, PC Team

Sexual Misconduct Charges: All You Need to Know It seems as if everywhere you look today, there’s another news report of someone accused of sexual misconduct – famous actors and musicians, politicians and law enforcement, and even normal everyday people just like you. The term “sexual misconduct” covers a wide range of behaviors, and while…

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University of Michigan Sexual Misconduct Lawyer
Blank Law, PC Team

University of Michigan Sexual Misconduct Lawyer Sexual misconduct, statutory rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse allegations are serious and complex issues that require the expertise of a skilled and experienced legal professional. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is a sexual abuse lawyer who specializes in representing individuals accused of sex crimes. Nicole has represented various defendants…

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Can a Minor Be Charged with Molestation?
Blank Law, PC Team

Can a Minor Be Charged with Molestation? Contrary to popular belief, adults are not the sole perpetrators of sexual assault. Almost a third of child sexual abuse perpetrators are people younger than 18. It may seem unlikely that the police would arrest minors for child molestation, but juveniles can face sexual abuse charges under the…

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What is a No Contact Order?
Blank Law, PC Team

What is a No Contact Order? A no contact order (also called a “restraining order”) is a court order that prohibits one person from having any physical or verbal contact with another person. It is often used in cases of domestic violence, where a person in a domestic relationship (such as a spouse, child, or…

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The Penalty for Soliciting Prostitution
Blank Law, PC Team

The Penalty for Soliciting Prostitution Solicitation is considered a sex crime in Michigan and is penalized accordingly. It doesn’t matter that it does not involve a victim or harm public property. According to the Michigan Penal Code, soliciting prostitution is illegal. You could get a fine or a sentence in the county jail if you…

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What is Criminal Sexual Contact?
Blank Law, PC Team

What is Criminal Sexual Contact? Criminal sexual contact is non-consensual sexual contact that does not involve sexual penetration. Although criminal sexual contact is a less serious crime than rape or sexual assault, it is nonetheless a sex crime that can result in harsh punishments. Criminal sexual contact may be classified as a misdemeanor or a…

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Michigan Sexual Harassment Laws
Blank Law, PC Team

Michigan Sexual Harassment Laws Sexual harassment is defined as a form of sexual discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII applies to any employer of at least 15 people, including agencies at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as labor organizations. This article distinguishes the term…

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