Prior to going into private practice, Nicole was a prosecutor. She was given the awesome responsibility of running the Sex Crimes Unit and the Child Abuse Unit for years in Macomb County, Michigan.

With Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker’s prior experience as Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Crimes Unit in Macomb County, she has been on both sides of the law for the past 20+ years.

Her journey as a successful attorney started in law school at Wayne State University. After graduating in 2000, she started her career as a defense attorney, then an assistant prosecutor, and now back to private practice as a defense attorney focused solely on sex crime and criminal sexual conduct cases.

As an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer, Nicole is aggressive and knows exactly how to navigate the criminal justice system having handled thousands of sexual abuse crimes and criminal sexual conduct cases in not only Michigan, but throughout the United States.

Nicole’s experience in Macomb County as Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit puts her in a unique position of already knowing the prosecutions’ next move. As the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, Nicole was the one who was in charge of teaching other prosecutors and police officers how to approach a sex offense charge, how to investigate a sex offense charge, and how to handle all the ins and outs of sex crime and criminal sexual conduct cases.

No other rape defense attorney in Michigan can say the same! That makes Nicole a powerhouse focused on your sex crime case.

Solely Focused on Sex Crimes

Unlike other cases, criminal sexual conduct charges can be extremely damaging, embarrassing, and can carry very stiff penalties. Your reputation is the most important thing you have in life. Once you are investigated or charged for a statutory rape, offensive touching of a child, or sexual assault allegation, your reputation will be highly dependent on the outcome of your case. The stiff penalties for being accused of sexual assault are devastating. Nobody wants to have to be under Michigan lifetime electronic monitoring, register as a sex offender with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, and/or have a sex offense on their permanent record to follow them through life. Wondering what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your sex crime case? You must have an attorney solely focused on sex crimes. Your choice can be the difference between a conviction and your charges being dropped. Nicole is not only a criminal sexual conduct attorney focused solely on sex crimes, she knows both sides of the law and will not stop fighting for you until your reputation and sanity are restored.

Experience Matters The Most

When it comes to defense attorneys who say they handle sex crime cases, experience matters the most, and Nicole has lots of it.

Nicole’s in-depth experience as the former Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit means she is very familiar with the other sides’ strategies, arguments, and tactics. This puts Nicole in an excellent place to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps that exist in your sex crime case. This, in turn, helps Nicole develop winning sexual assault defense strategies in every case she decides to take on.

NOW is not the time to settle for just any defense attorney in Michigan, or any other state for that matter. NOW is the time to hire the best defense attorney with the most experience and unparalleled success with sex crime cases.

Why Hire Nicole?

Picking the best defense attorney who solely focuses on Sex Crimes can make the difference between freedom and incarceration. The choice of whom to hire is an important decision that may affect you
for the rest of your life.

Nicole doesn’t just talk the talk, she has had years of Walking the walk.

Sex cases are unique and truly require the expertise of a lawyer who has the credentials to back up their claims of handling Sex cases.

Nicole has prosecuted Sex Crimes for 8 + years in Macomb County.

  • Nicole was the Chief of Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit for over 4 years in Macomb County.
  • Nicole worked for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and prosecuted Sex Crimes in Wayne County.
  • Nicole was a defense attorney who defended those accused of sex crimes in Wayne County.
  • Nicole worked for the Prosecutor’s Office for over 16 years.

Nicole’s in-depth experience, on both sides of the table, regarding Sex Crimes, means that Nicole is well versed in the arguments and strategies that are used on both sides of the law.

It’s as though Nicole has insider knowledge regarding the tactics and the strategies that
the prosecution may use in their case against you.

Because Nicole has such a unique skill set and an in-depth understanding of Sex Crimes, she can easily tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Nicole knows the arguments that the prosecutor will use against you. Therefore, Nicole can easily work to build the strongest defense possible to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for you.

Of the utmost importance, is the fact that Nicole is well aware of the psychological hardships that arise from being charged with a Sex Crime.

Whether you are charged with: Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree, Criminal Sexual Conduct Second Degree, Criminal Sexual Conduct Third Degree and/or Criminal Sexual Conduct Fourth Degree, any charge that relates to a Sex Crime is both mentally and physically draining.

When hiring Nicole, you should know that the mental state of Nicole’s clients cannot and will not be swept under the rug.

Just about every client that hires Nicole is on the verge of some catastrophic life change . Nicole will encourage you to be open with your feelings and your mental state so she can assist in putting the pieces of your life back together again. Nicole believes in getting you all the help that you and/or your family members need during this horrific nightmare. Nicole has the resources to assist you when you need it the most.

Nicole’s sole purpose in representing you is to protect your future.


Is a very important factor when choosing the right defense attorney for you. Nicole
makes it a point to build a trusting relationship from day one. Nicole never makes
promises that cannot be fulfilled. Nicole has yet to have a client who did not trust their
life in Nicole’s hands. You need to have trust in Nicole to protect your future.



  • Wayne State University Law School - J.D. - 2000

    Moot Court

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