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It can happen to anyone – a disagreement with a family member escalates into a loud argument, emotions run hot, the police show up, and someone gets arrested. That’s when you need to call the best domestic violence defense lawyer in Michigan.

When law enforcement responds to a domestic dispute, they often are overzealous in handling the situation. Mistakes get made – unnecessary arrests, arresting the wrong person, or violations of your legal rights.

The Oakland County District Attorney aggressively prosecutes domestic violence, and the penalties if convicted can be severe. To clear your name and protect your freedom, your finances, your family, and your future, you need a legal expert – a Farmington Hills, Michigan, domestic violence criminal defense lawyer who specializes in cases just like yours.

In other words, you need Blank Law, PC.


The Top Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Law Firm in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Why should you choose Blank Law to represent you?

Other Michigan law firms cannot match the experience, expertise, skill, or reputation of the domestic violence defense specialists at Blank Law.

Founder Nicole Blank Becker previously served as an Assistant Prosecutor for Macomb County before reentering private practice. She also headed the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes units.

Associate defense lawyer Christopher Coyle has the same level of relevant experience. Before joining Blank Law, he served as a Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor. One of his roles was that of Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit.

Together, Nicole and Chris have over 50 years of experience handling domestic violence cases just like yours. Because they have worked as both prosecution and defense, they know what it takes to win.

As two of the top domestic violence criminal defense attorneys in Michigan, Nicole and Chris have outstanding reputations within the legal community – in Farmington Hills, in the Detroit Metro, across the State, and even nationally.

When you have Blank Law, PC, as your criminal defense law firm, you have your best chance to beat domestic charges in Farmington Hills.

To find out more about what Blank Law can do for you, reach out today. The INITIAL CONSULTATION IS FREE.

Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges

Typically, domestic disputes are not black-and-white, and there is always more than just one side to every story. Blank Law can help you beat domestic assault charges by establishing YOUR side of what really happened.

  • False allegations – According to the Coalition to End Domestic Violence, 1 in 4 divorces involves allegations of intimate partner violence. 70% of those claims are false.
  • Self-defense – If the alleged victim attacked you or put you in fear of harm, it can be argued that you were only acting to protect yourself.
  • Accident – You unintentionally hurt the other person – you pushed past them while you were trying to leave the room, for example.
  • Lack of evidence – If the prosecution’s case is just the alleged victim’s word against yours, then they really have no case at all.
  • Police bias – Too many law enforcement officers believe the stereotype of exclusively male batterers and exclusively female victims. The truth is IPV happens almost equally.
  • Violation of your rights – You have protections guaranteed to you by the US Constitution and by state law – Miranda warning, the right to have an attorney during questioning, etc. If the police or the DA do not respect these rights, the judge can dismiss the case.

While the circumstances are always unique in every individual case, one thing remains constant – Blank Law fights tirelessly to help you beat domestic violence charges.

The first consultation is FREE.

Where Are Farmington Hills, Michigan, Domestic Violence Cases Tried?

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

The 47th District Court serves the cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills.

47th District Court

(248) 871-2900

31605 Eleven Mile Road

Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Felony Domestic Violence

The Sixth Circuit Court in Pontiac handles felony domestic violence cases within Oakland County.

(248) 858-0344

Sixth Circuit Court

1200 N. Telegraph Rd

Pontiac, MI 48341

Farmington Hills Domestic Violence Judges

47th District Court

Honorable Marla Parker

Note: In 2020, Judge Parker received the Oakland County Domestic Violence Prevention Award.

Honorable James Brady

Sixth Circuit Court

Honorable Jeffrey S. Matis

Honorable Martha D. Anderson

Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen

Honorable Mary Ellen Brennan

Honorable David M. Cohen

Honorable Jacob James Cunningham

Honorable Nanci J. Grant

Honorable Cheryl A. Matthews

Honorable Daniel P. O’Brien

Honorable Yasmine I. Poles

Honorable Kwamé L. Rowe

Oakland County Prosecutor

(248) 858-0656

Karen D. McDonald

Special Victims Unit

(248) 452-8688

Tricia Dare

47th District Court and 6th Circuit Court Parking

The primary parking lot for the 47th District Court in Farmington Hills is on the east side of the building.

The parking lot for the Sixth District Court in Pontiac is located to the south of the complex. There is also additional paid parking at 159-198 W. Ann St.

Nearby Restaurants

Farmington Hills

There are several lunch restaurants that are close to the 47th District courthouse. For the most choices go directly north, past the Walter P. Reuther Freeway.


Sakori’s Crispy Chicken and Pizza

(248) 479-6300

31066 Twelve Mile Road



(248) 579-9898

31519 West Twelve Mile Evergreen Road


Big Nick’s Coney Island

(248) 332-3925

670 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.


Al’s Fresh Fish Chicken and Seafood

(248) 451-1488

775 Baldwin Ave.


Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

(248) 454-0887

806 Baldwin Ave.

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