Auburn Hills Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

What happens if you are arrested and charged with domestic violence in Auburn Hills, Michigan?

What you do in the hours and days following a domestic violence arrest will largely determine the outcome of your case.

In the State of Michigan, allegations of intimate partner assault are taken very seriously, and the Oakland County District Attorney aggressively seeks to investigate, prosecute, and convict as many cases as possible.

If convicted of domestic violence, you could face years in prison, fines, mandatory psychological counseling, substance abuse treatment, and tremendous damage to your reputation and personal life.

To protect your freedom, your family, your finances, and your future, you need specialized legal representation – an Auburn Hills, Michigan, domestic violence criminal defense lawyer who knows the right strategies to help you win your case and clear your name.

In other words, you need Blank Law, PC.

As the top domestic violence law firm in Michigan, Blank Law is here to listen, answer your questions, and help you get your life back.

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DON’T Answer Questions

No matter how much the police try to get you to talk, NEVER answer any questions without your criminal defense attorney present. Even if investigators tell you that they “want to help you” and that if you “tell your side of the story” it will “clear things up”, these are just interrogation tactics. If you say anything incriminating, it WILL be used against you.

Always invoke your Constitutional 5th Amendment right to remain silent and your 6th Amendment right to have an attorney present during questioning.

DO Hire the Right Lawyer

You might be wondering if you should accept a public defender.

Court-appointed attorneys are typically so overburdened with heavy caseloads that they do not have the time to meet with you regularly or focus on your case. As a result, you get shortchanged – your defense is whatever is convenient for the Oakland County public defender, instead of what is best for you.

You might also wonder if your choice of defense attorney really makes a difference. After all, aren’t all lawyers the same?

Unfortunately, no. When it comes to defending domestic violence charges, not all lawyers are created equal. Michigan domestic violence law is very nuanced, and often, the difference between dismissed charges, acquittal, and a misdemeanor or felony conviction is how those nuances are interpreted and argued in court.

An inexperienced lawyer who is unfamiliar with these kinds of cases can overlook those subtleties and miss opportunities that could help you beat domestic assault charges in Auburn Hills.

You need a legal expert – an Auburn Hills attorney who specializes in domestic assault defense and who has the experience, skill, and focus needed for a successful outcome.

The legal pros at Blank Law have handled hundreds of cases just like yours, and they know what it takes to win. To discuss your situation, contact us today for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.

DON’T Try to Fix It Yourself

In your mind, this whole situation may seem to be some kind of mistake – maybe you were arguing too loud and your neighbors overreacted, maybe you were actually acting in self-defense, or maybe you were the target of false domestic violence allegations.

You may even think that this would all go away if you could just talk to the other person and get them to tell the authorities what really happened.

That would be a huge mistake that would very likely hurt your case, for a couple of reasons.

First, under Michigan law, the Oakland County District Attorney – not the victim – has complete discretion as to whether or not to press domestic violence charges. Even if the other person refuses to cooperate or changes their story, you can still be prosecuted.

Why is this?

The DA makes the decision because (a) 80% of victims try to recant their claims, and (b) domestic violence is not considered a “private crime”.

Second, if a judge has issued a “No-Contact” order, any attempt to communicate with the alleged victim – by phone, text, email, letter, or in person – would be a violation of the law.

In other words, you could be arrested and charged for another domestic violence crime. This would only make the prosecution’s case even stronger.

Blank Law can guide you through this difficult time and help you make the right steps on your best path forward. To learn more, reach out today.

DO Be Completely Honest with Your Defense Attorney

Your lawyer is there to provide you with the best defense possible and to protect your legal and civil rights. But the only way to do this effectively is to keep them 100% informed about all the facts of your case. Never lie or try to hide things from your lawyer. Your defense attorney is there to defend you, not make a moral judgment.

If there are mitigating factors – abuse, mental illness, PTSD, mental illness, or it was an accident – your lawyer will submit the facts to the Court and help you realize a positive outcome.

While a dismissal or acquittal is always the primary goal, sometimes, the best way to resolve your specific situation is to negotiate a plea bargain agreement that benefits you with a more favorable and predictable outcome – dropped or reduced charges, a lighter sentence, or alternatives to jail or prison.

To discuss your case and your best options, contact us for a free consultation.

The Best Auburn Hills Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Why is Blank Law the best domestic violence law firm in Auburn Hills, Michigan?

Founder Nicole Blank Becker and defense lawyer Christopher Coyle have more than 50 years of collective and relevant experience that should be working for your benefit.

They have tried domestic violence cases just like yours from both sides of the law for the defense AND as prosecutors.

Before establishing Blank Law, Nicole served Macomb County for 13 years as an Assistant Prosecutor and eventually, as Chief of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse units.

Chris worked as an Assistant Prosecutor for Wayne County for over 30 years, including serving as the Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit.

Blank Law has earned an outstanding reputation within the state legal community, not just in Auburn Hills, but across Oakland County and throughout all of Michigan. Nicole and Chris are known and respected by the judges and prosecutors of the 52-3 District Court and 6th Circuit Court.

When facing the top domestic violence defense lawyers in the Detroit Metro, the Oakland County DA is much more likely to drop or reduce charges or negotiate a favorable plea bargain deal.

Call today for a free consultation.

Where Are Auburn Hills, Michigan, Domestic Violence Cases Tried?


The 52nd District Court Division 3 in Rochester Hills serves the following communities:

  • Addison Township
  • Auburn Hills
  • Lake Angelus
  • Oakland Township
  • Orion Township
  • Oxford Township
  • Rochester
  • Rochester Hills
  • Village of Lake Orion
  • Village of Leonard
  • Village of Oxford

52nd District Court Division 3

700 Barclay Circle

Rochester Hills, MI 48307

(248) 853-5553


Sixth Circuit Court

1200 N. Telegraph Rd

Pontiac, MI 48341

(248) 858-0344

Auburn Hills Domestic Violence Judges

52nd District Court Division 3

Honorable Julie A. Nicholson

Honorable Nancy T. Carniak

Honorable Lisa L. Asadoorian

Sixth Circuit Court

Honorable Jeffrey S. Matis

Honorable Martha D. Anderson

Honorable Phyllis C. McMillen

Honorable Mary Ellen Brennan

Honorable David M. Cohen

Honorable Jacob James Cunningham

Honorable Nanci J. Grant

Honorable Cheryl A. Matthews

Honorable Daniel P. O’Brien

Honorable Yasmine I. Poles

Honorable Kwamé L. Rowe

Oakland County Prosecutor

Karen D. McDonald

(248) 858-0656

Special Victims Unit

Tricia Dare

(248) 452-8688

52-3 District Court and 6th Circuit Court Parking

The parking lot for the 52-3 District Court is on the northeast corner of the building, with additional street parking on the northwest corner.

The parking lot for the Sixth Circuit Court is to the south of the complex.

Nearby Restaurants

Rochester Hills

Lebanese Grill

2783 S. Rochester Road

(248) 606-4651


Cheng’s Restaurant

2666 S. Rochester Road

(248) 299-9450


Hungry Howie’s Pizza

2638 S. Rochester Road

(248) 852-0002


Big Nick’s Coney Island

670 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.

(248) 332-3925


Al’s Fresh Fish Chicken and Seafood

775 Baldwin Ave.

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Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

806 Baldwin Ave.

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