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The Best Sexual Assault Lawyers in Michigan: Blank Law, PC

Blank Law, PC Team

The Best Sexual Assault Lawyers in Michigan: Blank Law, PC

Sexual assault is one of the most recurring crimes in the world. According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), hundreds of Americans are daily victims of sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse. An American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds.

Legal systems worldwide tackle the sexual abuse pandemic by imposing strict punishment on sex offenders. This punishment includes sentencing them to prison, paying a hefty fine, or both. The perpetrators may also be mandated to register as sex offenders and subject to lifetime electronic monitoring.

Being accused of sexual violence can cause frustration and emotional distress. The consequences of a sex abuse conviction are severe and can permanently affect your life. So you need to contact a criminal defense lawyer in your city if you have been accused of sexual assault.

Nicole is a criminal defense attorney

Blank Law, PC is a Michigan law firm specializing in sex crimes. We work with people accused of sexual abuse to navigate the criminal justice system and build a strong defense. We also dedicate our efforts and time to the success of our client’s cases.

With our proven track record of success, we can help you defeat the charges against you. Reach out to us to schedule a free consultation today.

Sexual Assault Lawyers

If you have been accused of sexual violence, you are at risk of a criminal and civil lawsuit for sexual violence. The alleged sexual assault victim could sue you in a civil court for compensation for the losses and costs incurred due to sexual abuse. They may also report you to law enforcement agents, who may institute criminal charges against you for sexual assault.

So, you must contact a criminal sexual conduct attorney immediately if you face charges of sexual assaults. Not only are you at risk of being convicted and punished harshly, but the sexual abuse allegations could also have a devastating effect on your life.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

Upon conviction, you must register with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, and your criminal record becomes accessible to the public. Anybody, including your employers and neighbors, can see it. You could lose your job and struggle to find gainful employment afterwards. Also, your reputation may be tarnished, and you may be tagged on the sex offender registry for life. So you should hire a sexual crime defense attorney to avoid a conviction.

Finding the best sexual offender lawyers around you can be daunting and time-consuming. However, you ought to select an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer who can help defeat the allegations you face.

Hiring an excellent defense attorney can go a long way in improving your chances of success. So, you should hire a lawyer with experience handling sex abuse cases (learn what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer here). Sexual abuse lawyers can help you identify the tactics of law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecution, and also guide you in building a aggressive sexual assault defense strategies.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is a top female criminal defense attorney with years of experience representing people charged with sexual abuse. Nicole will fight for you if you or your loved one is arrested for any crime of a sexual nature. Having worked as a criminal prosecutor previously, Nicole is capable of helping you create a solid defense and secure your freedom.

Bingham Farms Sex Crimes Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

How Do You Know if Your Sexual Conduct with Another Person Would Be Considered Rape or Sexual Assault?

Defining sexual misconduct can be challenging, as it covers many types of sexual acts and behaviors. Also, terms like molestation, sexual battery, sexual harassment, statutory rape, and attempted rape are often used in sex crime cases. Thus, it could be difficult to determine if the sexual activity you have done with another person constitutes sexual abuse or sexual assault.

Although rape is a type of sexual abuse, it is not the only form of sexual abuse or assault. Sexual assault refers to nonconsensual sexual contact or penetration with another person for sexual gratification. It may be perpetrated by a stranger, acquaintance, or loved one and can occur anywhere and at any time. Sexual abuse may also be done with or without the use of force, threat of force, or manipulation. What is crucial is the lack of consent.

Michigan Sex Crime Attorney Nicole Blank Becker

Under Michigan criminal law, all sex crimes, including sexual assaults, are referred to as criminal sexual conduct (CSC). There are four degrees of CSC:

Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree

Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree

The first and third CSC degrees relate to crimes involving sexual penetration and often person under 13 or a person 13 thru 15. The second and fourth degrees of CSC cover sex crimes involving unwanted sexual contact (see: what is offensive touching).

CSC may be treated as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances of each case. CSC 1st degree attracts the most severe punishment, such as life imprisonment, a lengthy prison sentence, and lifetime electronic monitoring (see: CSC 1st degree Michigan penalty). In contrast, CSC 4th degree is punishable by a jail sentence and a fine of up to $500 (see: CSC 4th degree Michigan penalty).

Examples of sexual activity constituting Michigan sexual abuse include:

● Rape and attempted rape

● Forcing another person to perform sexual acts for you

● Having non-consensual oral sex with another person

● Engaging in unwanted sexual contact with a person who is:

  • Unconscious and, consequently, unable to give consent
  • Physically or mentally incapacitated
  • Incapacitated because of the consumption of alcohol or drug

When Should You Contact a Sex Crime Defense Attorney if You Suspect that You May Be Charged with Rape or Sexual Assault?

People institute sex crime allegations against others for various reasons, including spite, revenge, or a misunderstanding between the parties. Whatever the case, if you reasonably suspect that you would be charged with a sex crime in Michigan, you must immediately talk with a CSC defense attorney.

Nicole and Reporters

There is no need to wait until you are arrested for or charged with sexual violence before you contact a lawyer. The earlier you get an attorney, the quicker you can start building your defense strategy. Time is of the essence, and acting promptly can help you improve your chances of beating sexual abuse allegations.

You must speak with a defense attorney before you talk to any police officer, confront the accuser, or take any other drastic action. Anything you say or do may be used as evidence against you, so you must be cautious of your interactions with others involved in the case. You can refuse to speak with law enforcement authorities during an investigation until you have talked to your lawyer, and you will not be punished for doing so.

Also, you need professional legal services if a civil claim has been filed against you. You should not represent yourself in a case involving sexual violence because the stakes are high. Even if you are innocent or falsely accused of CSC, you need a lawyer to represent and guide you. Whether you face personal injury lawyers or criminal defense attorneys, you must be prepared to meet them and win.

Nicole work side-by-side

At Blank Law PC, Michigan’s top criminal defense law firm, we provide professional legal services to our clients and work closely with them to succeed at trial. Our goal is to represent our clients excellently and give them a more substantial chance of defeating the charges against them. Reach out to us if you think that you may be accused of sexual abuse or if you have been charged with sexual assault.

Are There Statutes of Limitation Under Michigan Law and Do They Apply in Every Case of Sexual Abuse and Assault?

Sometimes, a case is no longer actionable after a fixed duration. Therefore, if the lawsuit is brought after the expiration of the period specified by law, you can no longer be charged with committing any criminal offense concerning that case.

Statutes of limitation can be defined as the maximum time prescribed by law during which the parties to a case can institute legal action in court. It starts counting from the day the alleged offense is committed, and once it has passed, neither party can bring an action before the court. However, if the prescribed time has not expired, the parties may institute legal action before the court.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law PC

Under Michigan criminal law, statutes of limitation apply to some felony sex crimes, such as CSC 2nd degree. Sex crime charges must be filed within 10 years from the day the alleged offense was committed or before the victim’s 21st birthday, whichever is later. Statutes of limitation do not apply to a first degree criminal sexual act, cases that involve violent rape, or the rape of a minor. Also, in a civil case, victims have been given 10 years to file a civil suit, claiming damages for losses incurred due to sexual abuse.

Why Do the Courts Impose Such Severe Penalties on People Convicted of Sexual Abuse and Assault?

If you or a family member is accused of sexual abuse, you may be severely punished under Michigan criminal law if you are found guilty. The law protects sexual abuse and sexual harassment victims by punishing perpetrators harshly to ensure justice and deter reoccurrences.

The effects of sexual abuse are devastating and can ruin the lives of the victims. Many sexual assault victims deal with personal injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, people who have been sexually assaulted resort to substance abuse, emotional harm, and even suicide.

As a result, organizations like the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network operate a National Sexual Assault Hotline that provides information, advice, and support to victims of sexual violence. They also offer vital sexual assault statistics and help abuse victims secure justice against perpetrators.

Hire Nicole Blank Becker

When sexual abuse victims call the National Sexual Assault Hotline, they are connected with trained personnel. The National Sexual Assault Hotline is accessible at any time of the day. Someone who has been sexually assaulted can reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) to report sexual violence.

There is a lot of emphasis on protecting and catering to victims of sexual violence, and rightly so. However, criminal defense law firms also exist to protect people who have been accused of sexual assault and help them clear their names. Hiring a rape defense attorney is the best way to avoid being punished.

As with any criminal case, the prosecution must prove the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction. There will not be a conviction if there is doubt about the accused’s guilt. The law also allows accused people to defend themselves and prove their innocence.

Several legal defenses are available in sexual abuse cases. You should choose the best one to increase your chances of showing that you are innocent. Consent is a valid legal defense if you can show that the other party had provided consent to the sexual activity. The law scarcely interferes in the affairs of adults, particularly in cases of consensual sexual activity. Therefore, you may be able to beat the charges against you by proving that the sex acts were consensual.

Nicole Blank Becker Blank Law PC

DNA evidence is another valid criminal sexual conduct defense that you can use to establish your innocence. If forensic evidence shows that you did not commit the crime, you can tender it in court, alongside expert testimonies, to avoid a conviction.

Hire Michigan Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker to Defeat Rape and Sexual Assault Charges

Facing sexual abuse charges can cause a barrage of negative emotions, including anxiety and fear, primarily because of the complexity and technicality of the criminal justice system. Even if you are falsely accused of sex abuse, you must take great care to establish a solid defense against the charges you face.

You can fight these charges with the legal assistance provided by an excellent criminal defense law firm. Suppose you or your family member is accused of a crime of a sexual nature. In that case, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. Nicole Blank Becker is a top sex crime defense lawyer in Michigan who can assist you with your case and secure your freedom.

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