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Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Blank Law, PC Team

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Retaining an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is one of the most important things you can do if you are accused of committing a felony or misdemeanor. Criminal penalties can be severe, and you do not want to risk losing your right to vote by being convicted of a felony. If you retain a criminal defense attorney, you will have a better chance of establishing a plea deal with the assistant district attorney prosecuting your case.

Contact Blank Law, PC today to learn more about the importance of hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer. When you are searching for a criminal defense attorney, you need to focus on retaining a zealous advocate who will enforce your legal rights and protect your liberty.

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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If you are facing criminal charges, you need to understand the severity of your predicament. Not retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney can leave you vulnerable to mistakes made by an inexperienced prosecutor. You may not be able to enter a plea bargain without hiring a criminal defense lawyer who understands the importance of negotiation in criminal cases.

Criminal defense lawyers know how to file motions on your behalf that can prevent the state from using evidence against you that was obtained by violating your constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment protects you against unreasonable searches and seizures. A skilled criminal defense attorney can scrutinize arrest warrants, police body cam footage, and search warrants to determine if they are missing elements required by the United States Constitution. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can also examine if police actions violated your rights under the Constitution of Michigan.

The Majority of Criminal Cases are Resolved Through Plea Negotiations

Approximately 95% of all criminal cases are resolved through plea deals. A plea deal is a contractual arrangement between you and the state, which is the party represented by the assistant district attorney. If you retain a criminal defense lawyer, you are more likely to persuade the prosecutor to enter a plea deal.

Sometimes a prosecutor will offer you a lesser criminal offense charge in exchange for a plea of guilty. For example, you may face simple drug possession rather than possession with the intent to distribute. If you retain a criminal defense lawyer, a plea deal is more likely, and you can avoid being convicted of a felony and suffering the consequences of being a convicted felon.

Also, you may be able to avoid jail and prison sentences if you enter a plea deal. You can often receive credit for time served if you were incarcerated prior to posting bail or the date of your trial. Learn how bail bonds work here.

If Your Criminal Case Goes to Trial, You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

Although the majority of criminal cases are resolved through plea negotiations, it is possible that your case will go to trial. You do not have the time to learn the complex procedural rules and substantive rules that govern how parties behave in criminal trials. You will need to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side who understands the rules of evidence, the rules of criminal procedure, and the rules of appellate procedure if your case is appealed to a higher court.

You can suffer serious consequences if you attempt to represent yourself without understanding the criminal justice system. Judges do not offer leniency to parties who represent themselves, and by retaining a criminal defense attorney you will be more likely to have a fair and equitable trial.

The legal system is complex, and the criminal law in particular contains many important elements, such as case law, statutory law, and provisions of the Model Penal Code. It is nearly impossible for criminal defendants to learn these elements in time for their trials. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide you with the legal representation you need.

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The 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments

These three amendments to the United States Constitution regulate many interactions between citizens and the state. If you do not retain an experienced criminal defense attorney, you may provide information to police officers that can harm your case. You need to understand how to invoke your right to remain silent and your right to counsel (learn what happens if you don’t talk to a detective here). You also need to understand that a right to counsel may be offense-specific, and that you will have to invoke your right to counsel for several offenses.

Retaining an experienced attorney can help you make sure your rights under the 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, and 6th Amendment are enforced.

Important Deadlines Can Influence the Outcome of Your Case

If you attempt to represent yourself in a criminal case, you may not understand all the deadlines that apply to your case. You may have deadlines associated with documents that you are required to file, or with motions that need to be filed with the court. Also, you will need to argue motions before the judge, and this can be difficult if you do not have experience with the American Criminal Justice System. Criminal penalties can be severe, and you do not want to risk suffering these sanctions because you missed a filing deadline.

Retaining a defense attorney will help you understand which deadlines apply to your specific case. You will not need to worry about filing these documents yourself. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal system and use the attorney-client relationship to protect your conversations with your defense lawyer.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Gather Evidence for Your Case

Legal representation offers you the opportunity to have a defense lawyer gather evidence for your case. Documentary evidence and testimonial evidence will be used by a criminal lawyer to help you strengthen your case. Direct vs. circumstantial evidence can be useful in your case. A good criminal defense attorney will also examine the evidence presented by the assistant district attorney and make sure it was not obtained by violating your constitutional rights.

Hiring an experienced defense lawyer is one of the best ways to make sure that you collect all the evidence needed for your case. Legal counsel will help you assemble the evidence and present it in a manner that strengthens your defense attorney’s arguments.

Criminal Sanctions Can Be Expensive

Avoiding expensive fines is one of the goals of every criminal attorney. If you hire a law firm that does not specialize in criminal defense, you may end up paying more in fines and penalties to resolve your case. A professional defense lawyer understands how to negotiate with assistant district attorneys and request that specific fees be reduced or waived. Hire a criminal defense lawyer to make sure that you do not end up suffering financially when you could have avoided excessive fees and penalties.

Wondering when you should call an attorney? Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been accused of a felony or misdemeanor. Contact Blank Law, PC today to schedule a free consultation.

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A Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Lawyer will Offer You Emotional Support

Being accused of a felony or misdemeanor can be a psychologically and emotionally painful experience. You may experience guilt, shame, and frustration depending on the unique circumstances and facts of your case. However, you do not have to face the entire criminal justice system alone. If you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you will have a devoted professional on your side who will offer you emotional support and sound legal advice.

A skilled defense attorney is an advocate who will stand up for your legal rights. If you want to make sure that you remain focused and strong throughout every phase of your criminal case, contact Blank Law, PC today. Criminal charges are serious, and you want to do everything within your power to avoid a conviction. A defense attorney can help you focus on what is most important in your case and help you avoid becoming overwhelmed or overly emotional during your case.

Court costs can also be a source of frustration to criminal defendants. Hire a criminal lawyer to make sure that you do not pay excessive fees or fines related to your case. Protect your legal rights and speak to a criminal defense attorney today. Entering a plea deal may be one of the most important aspects of your case, and you need to have the emotional support of an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you through every phase of your criminal case.

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