Livingston County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Are you facing sex crime charges in Livingston County, Michigan?

If so, you will need to get the best Livingston County sex crimes lawyer to defend you. The State of Michigan prosecutors act strongly against all types of criminal sexual conduct cases. If you want to avoid jail time or paying exorbitant fees, you will require the best legal team on your side.

The sex crimes attorneys from Livingston County have the necessary expertise to fight for you and help you prove your innocence. They are the best chance you have to disperse all accusations and restore your reputation.

Consequences for Sex Crimes Defendants

Fighting sex crime allegations is difficult everywhere, not only in Livingston, Michigan. Most of the time, the defendant has to prove his or her innocence in a verbal confrontation with the prosecution. If their alibis are not conclusive, they face a losing battle against a victim who benefits from societal compassion.

Sex crimes accusations often rob the defendant from the usual benefit of the doubt. Without the support of an expert Livingston County sex crimes lawyer, the defendant finds it almost impossible to break loose from the “guilty” tag that the prosecution stamps on their forehead from the beginning.

A sex crime in Livingstone County, Michigan may come with one or more life-shattering consequences, such as:

  • A jail or prison sentence
  • Costly criminal fines or court fees
  • Registration as a sex offender
  • A permanent criminal record as a sex offender
  • Restrictions on where you can live or work
  • Restrictions on bank credits, house rental, and car leasing conditions
  • Become unable to obtain a license to practice your profession
  • Lose your existing license to practice law, medicine, teaching, nursing, pharmacy, etc.
  • Lose full or partial custody of your children
  • Lose your immigration visa or your green card
  • Be denied citizenship or be deported to your native country if you’re a non-U.S. citizen

Potential Sex Crime Charges in Livingston County, Michigan

Sex crimes charges have different degrees in Michigan, and they usually come with various penalties if the defendant is found guilty. If you are trying to prove your innocence in a sex crime case, you will need an attorney that is specialized in all the sex crimes charges in Livingston County, Michigan, and which include:

How can a Livingston Sex Crimes Lawyer Help?

When you are under investigation for potential sex crimes in Livingston, Michigan, you need to move fast and clear your name.

Contact a Livingston sex crime lawyer even before you are charged with criminal sexual conduct or misdemeanor. Choose the best professional in the field to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

A great Livingston attorney specialized in sex crimes and sexual offenses will fight with all the legal means on disposal to help you avoid jail time and save your reputation and that of your family.

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