The Best Westland Sex Crimes Lawyer in Michigan

Being charged with a sex crime in Westland, MI is one of the most serious problems you will ever face. No matter if it is felony or misdemeanor sex crimes that you are facing, your life can change forever based on the outcome.

A conviction can tarnish your reputation, expose your family to scandal, derail your career, ruin your finances, and potentially put you in prison for years…maybe even for the rest of your life.

Even after you are released, you are still not “free” because when your name is put on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, that stigma will follow you wherever you go. Being branded as a sex offender means harassment, social ostracism, and restrictions on where you live and work.

With so much at stake, it is absolutely crucial for your freedom and your future that you are represented by the best criminal defense possible.

What does that mean, exactly? What should you look for in a criminal defense lawyer? Most importantly, what can the best sex crime law firm do for you for offenses in Westland, MI?

Westland Sex Crimes Lawyer

Nicole Blank Becker Blank Law PC

Responsible for nearly two million local residents, the Wayne County District Attorney aggressively prosecutes all sex-related offenses:

The Wayne County DA’s Office has the vast resources to be tough on sex offenses:

With detectives, investigators, funding, experts, an entire team of prosecutors, and experience on their side, fighting for your legal rights is not a task best left to inexperienced lawyers or overworked public defenders.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

You need the attorney-client relationship that comes from a passionate advocate whose specialized criminal defense areas of law practice match your needs – a sex crimes lawyer.

The Best Sex Crimes Lawyers in Westland, MI

The right law firm brings a lot to the table in sex crime cases. There is a world of difference between a sex crimes defense lawyer with a specialized practice and an average lawyer with broader criminal defense practice areas (see: generalized practice firm vs. specialized firm).

In other words, you need someone who has a proven record of successfully defending sex crime charges, specifically in Westland, MI, and the rest of Wayne County.

As the best sex crime lawyers in Westland, WI, Attorneys Nicole Blank Becker and Christopher Coyle of Blank Law, PC possess the qualities you need.

Seasoned Sex Crimes lawyers

Wayne County Sex Crimes Lawyers: Experience Matters

Nothing matters more than proven experience when you are facing sex crime charges.

For more than 20 years, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has worked for both sides of the law, both as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer. She has years of experience heading both Macomb County‘s Child Abuse Unit and their Sex Crimes Unit, and as both a former Assistant Prosecutor and a private qualified sex crimes lawyer, she has handled thousands of cases involving sex crimes.

Likewise, Attorney Christopher Coyle worked in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for 28 years before returning to private practice, eventually rising to the position of Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Help

All this means is that your advocates at Blank Law, PC, are in a unique position to understand the prosecution’s strategy, anticipate their next moves, and create aggressive sexual assault defensive strategies to counter any sex crimes charges.

Sex Crimes Criminal Defense: Expertise is Key

Along with experience, the best sex offender lawyers know how to use their knowledge to your advantage. Not only do they know the laws concerning sexual assault and other sex crimes, they understand the nuances of the Michigan Penal Code to best argue your case.

This can mean the difference between being charged with a felony sex crime or misdemeanor sex crimes, and the difference between a conviction, an acquittal, or a dismissal.

Hire Nicole Blank Becker

As experienced sexual assault lawyers, Nicole and Chris of Blank Law, PC know how to gather the proper evidence, interview witnesses, challenge false claims and testimony, and otherwise investigate the facts to mount the best possible criminal sexual conduct defense.

Protecting Your Rights Against Sex Crimes Charges

Even when you are accused of a sex-related crime, you still have legal rights under the United States Constitution and Michigan State Law. It is the sworn duty of your criminal sexual conduct attorney to zealously protect your rights and to otherwise provide legal defense to the best of their abilities.

Since you are presumed innocent until you are proven guilty, your rights extend to protection from unnecessary damage to your reputation and other negative consequences that can arise from being charged with a sex crime.

Michigan Sex Crime Attorney Nicole Blank Becker e1623417759381

For example, your CSC defense attorney can see to it that confidential or sensitive information is handled carefully and discreetly. They can hold the prosecution accountable and ensure that they are not making false claims or using inflammatory language that could unfairly prejudice a jury.

In other words, part of your criminal defense for sex crimes accusations is to make sure that you are being tried in a court of law, not a court of public opinion.

For their entire careers, both Nicole and Chris of Blank Law, PC have been tireless champions of the law, and, by extension, your rights as a defendant. They will leave no stone unturned to provide an excellent criminal defense that safeguards your right to a fair trial.

Nicole Becker of Blank Law Firm

Reputable Sex Crimes Lawyers in Wayne County

The best sexual abuse lawyers in Westland, MI both know the Wayne County prosecution team and are known by them. Since their reputations precede them, they know what to expect from the other side, and the other side knows what to expect from them. This gives them several advantages when creating a criminal defense for your sex crimes case.

First, experienced sex crimes lawyers know the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the prosecution, just as they know the tendencies and temperament of the presiding judge. As in any fight, knowing the opposition provides a strategic edge.

Next, the prosecution will be well aware that your sex crimes attorney will fight for you and challenge every claim, every piece of evidence, every witness, and every bit of testimony. Since they have the burden of proving their case beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecution will be reluctant to employ tactics that might otherwise work on less experienced or less expert criminal defense lawyers.

Nicole work side by side

Finally, because they know what they are up against, the prosecution is often more willing to negotiate with top sex crimes lawyers that have excellent reputations in Westland, MI. For you, this could mean dropped or reduced charges and alternate or more lenient sentencing.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience in the local legal community, Nicole and Chris of Blank Law, PC have earned the kinds of reputations that make Westland, MI prosecutors take notice. As your advocates in your sex crimes case, they know how to negotiate and get you the best possible deal.

Fighting for You in Court

If it does become necessary to appear in court, our sex crimes lawyers will vigorously represent you in front of a jury by using these tactics:

● Compelling opening statements

● Questioning prosecution witnesses and producing defense witnesses

● Challenging evidence and soliciting expert rebuttal testimony

● Ensuring proper legal procedure is followed

● Protecting your constitutional rights

● Making strong closing arguments

The Blank Law, PC law firm stands with you through the entire process; from the initial arrest and filing of any sex crime charges to the bail hearing, to the investigation, to the gathering of evidence, witnesses, and experts, to the jury selection, to the trial preparation, and, finally, to the trial itself. If necessary, they can also start the appeals process if there are any issues with the original verdict.

Long-Term Complications of Being Charged with a Sex Crime in Westland, MI

Besides the aforementioned consequences of being charged with or convicted of sex crimes in Westland, MI, there are also legal complications that can haunt you for years afterwards. In fact, some of these can stay with you for the rest of your life, even after you have repaid your debt to society.

For example, some sex crimes that may cause personal injury, such as sexual assault or sexual abuse, can also be tried later in civil court. If you are poorly represented in court by a less-experienced lawyer whose criminal defense practice areas lie elsewhere, that opens you up to a civil personal injury lawsuit later, even if you were acquitted. Ultimately, you could be held financially liable.

Similarly, other sex crimes, such as child molestation, possession of child pornography, internet sex crimes, or statutory rape can be considered forms of child abuse in family court. Again, without the help of experienced sex crimes lawyers, you may end up losing custody of your own children or even being denied visitation.

Finally, facing sex crime charges or being convicted of sexual abuse in Westland, MI could also mean having your name permanently added to the sex offender registry.

The consequences of being labeled a sex offender are life-altering. There are restrictions on where you can live, work, or even where you can visit. At any time, anyone can look you up on the internet, so you can never truly leave the past behind.

The Bottom Line About Sex Crimes Lawyers in Westland, MI

All of these reasons show why you need a law firm with experienced sex crimes lawyers when you are facing charges for sexual abuse, sexual assault, or any other sex crimes.

If you live in Westland, MI, or anywhere else in Wayne County, Blank Law, PC should be your first call if you are accused, arrested, or charged with ANY sex crimes. Especially since we are the law firm that specializes in sex crimes cases in Westland, MI or anywhere else in the Detroit area.

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