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Mere accusations of inappropriate or unlawful sexual conduct can devastate entire families, leaving those involved to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild their lives. Unlike other criminal offenders, sex offenders often suffer the most severe societal stigma and shame. People often treat those facing criminal sexual conduct charges as though they have already been found guilty and convicted.

In addition, those convicted of sex crimes are subjected to life-altering implications when they are convicted. These penalties include a lengthy prison sentence, hefty fine, registering as a sex offender, lifetime electronic monitoring, and probation. Since the punishment for a sex crime conviction is grave, you should immediately retain an aggressive sex crimes defense lawyer if you have been charged with sex offenses.

Sometimes, sex crime allegations are unfounded and may arise out of spite, revenge, or misunderstanding. However, those falsely accused of sex offenses may still face criminal charges. Michigan criminal sexual conduct laws impose strict punishment on sex offenders. So, you need legal assistance if you have been falsely accused of sex offenses.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is ready to work tirelessly to help you get the best outcome in your case. This outcome includes reducing sex crime charges against you or getting them dropped entirely. In some cases, she could also help defendants mitigate the potential penalty for sex offenses.

Once you create an attorney-client relationship with us at Blank Law, PC, we become your greatest ally in defeating the criminal charges you face. We can help you create a solid criminal sexual conduct defense to help you avoid a conviction. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

Detroit Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

create a solid defense

Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC is the criminal defense attorney you need if you are charged with sex offenses anywhere in Detroit. Her legal services also extend to defendants in the following, but are not limited to:

Macomb County

Wayne County

Oakland County

Ingham County

Livingston County

Lapeer County

Nicole has successfully represented several defendants in sex crime cases all over Michigan. She is a top Michigan sex crimes lawyer with years of expertise in Michigan’s criminal law. Some of the sex offenses she has handled include, but are not limited to:

Indecent Exposure

Sexual Assault

Child Pornography

Child Sexual Abuse

Internet Sex Crimes

Statutory Rape

She is ready to fight for you and create aggressive sexual assault defense strategies to help you beat the sex offense charges against you. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker respects the attorney-client relationship and will protect your confidentiality. Please complete this online form to schedule a free consultation with her today.

Understanding Criminal Sexual Conduct Under Michigan Criminal Law

Under Michigan Criminal Law

Criminal sexual conduct is the all–encompassing term used to describe all sex crimes in Michigan. Such crimes include rape, child molestation, internet sex crimes, lewd conduct, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, and child pornography There are four degrees of criminal sexual conduct (CSC), and sex crimes are classified under these degrees based on the offense’s severity and the alleged victim’s age. The four degrees are:

● CSC 1st Degree

● CSC 2nd Degree

● CSC 3rd Degree

● CSC 4th Degree

Crimes involving sexual penetration often fall under criminal sexual conduct 1st degree and criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree. However, offenses of unwanted sexual contact or offensive touching fall under criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree and criminal sexual conduct 4th degree.

Those convicted of criminal sexual conduct face harsh punishment, regardless of the degree of the offense. The most common penalties include lengthy prison sentences, ranging from any term of years to a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, and thousands of dollars in fines.

Also, anyone convicted of any sex crime in Michigan will be subjected to mandatory sex offender registration. An offender’s criminal record is available to the public and can pose a challenge when applying for employment or housing. Some offenders must also maintain a permanent criminal record with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

Offenders may also be placed on the child abuse registry if the crime involves a child. Some offenders can lose full or partial custody of their children. A conviction for a sex offense can also negatively impact your relationships, social standing, and quality of life. You can lose your job or professional license, and visa if you are an immigrant.

most serious sex offenses

The most serious sex offenses are classified as CSC 1st-degree Michigan. These sex offenses include all forms of sexual penetration, including oral, anal, and vaginal penetration. Rape, sexual assault, and unlawful sexual conduct involving children, such as statutory rape and child molestation, are considered a first-degree criminal sexual act.

First-degree CSC typically involves aggravating circumstances, such as a victim who is a person under 13 or a mentally or physically incapacitated victim. CSC 1st degree is a felony offense punishable by a maximum life sentence and sex offender registration.

CSC 2nd degree Michigan covers the most severe sex offenses involving unwanted sexual contact. A person may be charged with 2nd-degree CSC for touching another person for sexual arousal or gratification without that person’s consent. Examples of 2nd-degree sex offenses include child molestation and sexual battery. Those who commit criminal sexual conduct second degree may face a maximum 15-year sentence.

CSC 3rd-degree Michigan is like first-degree CSC because it includes sex offenses involving sexual penetration. However, unlike 1st-degree CSC, 3rd-degree CSC often involves a victim who is a person 13 through 15 years old. Statutory rape could also fall under 3rd-degree CSC. Those who commit criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree may be subjected to mandatory minimum sentencing.

The least severe sex offenses fall under CSC 4th degree Michigan. This category involves unwanted sexual conduct touching, like caressing another person’s private areas, including the inner thigh, breasts, penis, vagina, and anus. This crime may be committed whether the victim is clothed or naked. The punishment for 4th-degree sexual assault is a maximum 2-year sentence.

How will a Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Help Me if I Have Been Contacted by a Police Officer for Sexual Assault Allegations in Detroit?

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Help

Police officers or detectives may reach out if they suspect you of a sex crime in Michigan. Suppose someone files a report against you that accuses you of a sex offense. In that case, law enforcement officers may decide to investigate the report to determine whether to bring criminal sexual conduct charges against you. The goal is to gather sufficient evidence showing you committed the alleged crime.

While you must cooperate with the police, you also have a constitutional right to remain silent during a police investigation. This right will not prevent you from being arrested or having your house searched. It is to protect you from incriminating yourself further, as whatever you say could be deliberately or accidentally used against you at trial.

Law enforcement officers can lie or mislead you so you can admit to the commission of the offense. They may also adopt aggressive tactics to intimidate or wear defendants down until they confess to sex offenses. Do not make the mistake of admitting to a sex offense to get the police to release you because it would give them a more convincing reason for your guilt.

Therefore, you can refuse to talk to the police during the investigation until your criminal sexual conduct attorney is present. A defense lawyer can keep you out of jail and is familiar with police officers’ tactics, so they can guide you in interacting with them.

A Detroit sex crime lawyer will advise you on your rights in sex offense cases. Your criminal defense lawyer will also ensure that your rights are not violated during police investigations. Your defense attorney will guide you in responding to police officers’ questions. Learn how to hire a criminal defense lawyer here.

With a skilled Detroit sex crime lawyer like Nicole Blank Becker, you could even prevent criminal sexual conduct cases from proceeding to trial from the investigation phase.

How Can a Detroit Sex Crimes Lawyer Effectively Defend Me in a Criminal Sexual Conduct Case?

Can a Detroit Sex Crimes Lawyer Effectively Defend Me

Suppose you are charged with Michigan criminal sexual conduct to any degree. In that case, the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to succeed in getting you convicted. However, the prosecution’s case against you is weakened if you have a solid legal defense. Having a valid defense also improves your chances of prevailing in court.

Consent may be considered a valid defense in a sex crime case. Therefore, it can be a solid defense in a sex crimes case where you can show that the alleged victim consented to the act. Also, where the prosecution lacks sufficient evidence to prove a sex crime occurred, it could serve as a legal defense in a CSC case. It could happen when there is no physical evidence, such as DNA samples or a medical report, showing you committed the crime.

A strong defense plan can help you prove your innocence or avoid a conviction. In some cases, your rape defense attorney may also advise you to plead guilty to receive a lesser sentence. Thus, you need to consult a defense attorney to determine the most appropriate defense in your case.

Can a Detroit Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Help Me with an Appeal if I Have Been Convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan?

In some cases, those convicted of sex offenses may be allowed to appeal the decision in a higher court. You must meet the eligibility requirements to appeal a sex crime conviction. You need to consult a Michigan criminal sexual conduct attorney to determine if your criminal case is eligible for appeal.

An appeal is not a new trial of the case and can feel daunting. Although many sex offense cases are not overturned on appeal, it may be worth a shot. There are several reasons for a sex crimes lawyer to consider an appeal for a Michigan criminal sexual conduct case. Such reasons include an error in the original trial or sentencing.

At Blank Law, PC, we can help you file an appeal if you have been convicted of a sex crime in Detroit. We have successfully represented many defendants in sex offense cases in Michigan, and we can fight for you. Contact us today to see if your case meets the appeal eligibility requirements.

Why Hire Michigan Defense Attorney Nicole Blank Becker to Legally Represent You in a Sex Crime Case in Detroit?

Contact an Attorney for Help

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is ready to help if you or your family member faces a criminal sexual conduct charge in Detroit, or anywhere else in Michigan. She is a top Michigan criminal sexual conduct attorney with years of experience fighting for defendants in criminal sexual conduct cases.

Michigan sex crimes lawyer Nicole Blank Becker has worked as a former criminal prosecutor in Macomb County, which gives her a unique edge over other sexual abuse lawyers. She can help you create an aggressive criminal sexual conduct defense to help you get the best results in your case. Nicole is willing to fight tirelessly for you to increase your chances of avoiding a sex crime conviction in Michigan. Reach out to her for a free consultation

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