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People facing sex crime charges in Michigan endure severe social stigma and disgrace. Although it is a constitutional right to be considered innocent unless proven guilty, people treat those accused of a sex crime as though the court has already given a guilty verdict.

Sex offense charges ruin people’s lives by destroying families and personal relationships. Anyone guilty of a sex offense in Michigan risks harsh and long-lasting repercussions.

The penalties for a sex crime often include a prison sentence, a fine, and being placed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. Convicted offenders may also be subjected to lifetime electronic monitoring and probation.

While there are many super lawyers in Michigan, you should only consult sex crime lawyers with sufficient experience with sex offense cases. Our team of super lawyers can help you improve your chances of beating a sex crime accusation in Allendale, and anywhere else in Michigan.

We offer an initial criminal attorney free consultation and can provide all the legal assistance you need in a criminal case. Contact Blank Law, PC today.

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Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is a qualified sex crimes lawyer dedicated to defending individuals charged with sexual assault in Allendale, and throughout the entire state of Michigan.

She has helped those facing criminal sexual conduct (CSC) charges and false accusations establish their innocence and avoid a conviction. She has also worked with defendants found guilty of a criminal sexual act to receive reduced sentences.

Nicole has decades of experience fighting for those accused of rape, child pornography, internet sex crimes, statutory rape, child molestation, and other criminal offenses.

She spent years working as a prosecuting attorney in the Macomb County Sex Crimes and Child Abuse units. This prior experience gives her a distinct advantage over other sexual assault lawyers in related practice in Michigan.

Nicole and her team of super lawyers provide competent legal representation and work hard to achieve the best results for their clients. They respect the confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship, particularly when you share confidential or sensitive information which could be helpful in your sex crimes case.

Our sex crime lawyers can counsel you on your options and assist you in navigating the Michigan criminal justice system. You can always count on our sex crimes lawyers to fight for your interests. Please complete this online form to schedule a free case evaluation with our law office.

Contact our super lawyers as soon as possible if you are being investigated for a sex offense in Allendale, Michigan. Do not put off consulting any of our top sex crime lawyers until you are charged in court.

Instead, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer once law enforcement officials have contacted you about a sexual offense.

The earlier you engage one of the top sex crime lawyers around you, the more likely you will create aggressive sexual assault defense strategies to refute the allegations against you.

It is advisable to speak with any of the super lawyers at Blank Law, PC before you talk to police or a law enforcement officer. It would also be wise to use caution when speaking with anyone about your legal issue, because whatever you say could be used as evidence against you.

The police do not punish defendants who refuse to speak with them until they have contacted their sex crime lawyers.

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What Penalties Could Be Imposed for a Conviction of a Sex Offense in Michigan?

Under Michigan’s criminal law, sexual offenses are collectively referred to as criminal sexual conduct (CSC).

CSC 1st Degree

The most serious sexual offenses involving sexual penetration fall under criminal sexual conduct 1st degree, which carries a maximum life sentence, a fine, lifetime electronic monitoring, and inclusion on the sex offender registry as penalties.

CSC 2nd Degree

The criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree covers the most severe sexual offenses involving criminal sexual contact or offensive touching. The CSC 2nd degree Michigan penalty includes a maximum 15-year prison term, sex offender registration, and lifetime electronic monitoring.

CSC 3rd Degree

Criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree also involves occurrences of sexual penetration and is penalized by a mandatory minimum sentence and sex offender registration.

CSC 4th Degree

Minor nonconsensual sexual contact offenses often constitute a criminal sexual conduct 4th degree offense. Although it is a misdemeanor sex crime, CSC 4th degree is often treated as a felony in Michigan courts. The CSC 4th degree Michigan penalty includes registration as a sex offender and carries a maximum 2-year prison sentence.

Reach out to our super lawyers to avoid being convicted and punished for a sexual offense in Allendale, Michigan.

You can defeat sexual crime charges with an aggressive criminal defense strategy. In Michigan, many legal defenses can be used to refute allegations of sexual assault. However, you should speak with one of our sex crimes lawyers before determining the best strategy for your criminal case.

The most common defense against sexual assault charges is consent. If the victim is above 16 and the sexual act was with their consent, this could be utilized as a legal defense. The law allows adults to engage in a consensual sexual act with other adults. Learn more about the legal age of consent in Michigan here.

Mistaken identity is another common defense used against criminal offenses. Sometimes victims have trouble identifying the offenders, so you can refute the criminal allegations if you can show a mistaken identity.

Another way to avoid being charged with a sexual offense is to have a solid alibi. You can establish a credible alibi using photographs, videos, CCTV evidence, and witness testimony.

The charges against you can be dropped if there is enough proof that you were not at the crime scene when the crime was committed.

Hire our Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyers to Increase Your Chances of Beating Criminal Charges in Allendale, Michigan

You must speak with one of our sex crimes lawyers if you are charged with a sex crime, such as child pornography, rape, internet sex crimes, or sexual assault in Allendale, Michigan. All hope is not lost if you have been accused of a sexual offense.

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Our experienced sex crimes lawyers can help you create an aggressive defense against the criminal charges brought against you. Contact our super lawyers for a free consultation about your legal issue today.

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