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If you need to beat domestic violence charges in Taylor, Michigan, your first and best option is Blank Law, PC. We have the experience, expertise, and passion for justice that you need to win your case and get your life back.

In Wayne County, domestic violence is taken seriously and aggressively prosecuted. If convicted of a misdemeanor or felony domestic assault charge, you could be facing years in prison, huge fines, damage to your reputation and personal life, and a permanent criminal record that would follow you wherever you go.

When your freedom, your finances, your family, and your future are at stake, you want a legal expert fighting for you – a domestic violence criminal defense lawyer who specializes in cases just like yours.

In other words, you want Blank Law.

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Consequences of Domestic Violence in Taylor, Michigan

Under Michigan Law, there are many different behaviors that can be prosecuted as domestic violence crimes – assault, battery, criminal sexual contact, destruction of property, and stalking, for example.

Basically, ANY behavior that causes or attempts to cause physical or mental harm to a current or former spouse, romantic partner, family member, or roommate can be considered a domestic violation.

This gives the Wayne County District Attorney broad prosecutorial discretion – depending on your history and the circumstances, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Possible maximum penalties include:

  • Jail/Prison time: 10 years
  • Fine: $5000
  • Restitution
  • Victim’s Protective order
  • Unfavorable divorce judgment
  • No mediation option to resolve divorce disputes
  • Suspension or supervision of visitation
  • Loss of child custody
  • Being ordered to leave the home
  • Mandatory psychological evaluation
  • Anger management
  • Mental health counseling
  • Alcohol and drug treatment
  • Loss of the right to possess a firearm
  • Sexual offender registration
  • Negatively-affected immigration status

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Hiring The Right Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Taylor, Michigan

When it comes to the ability to help you beat domestic violence charges in Taylor, not all defense attorneys are created equal. Finding the right legal representation is often the difference between an outright dismissal, reduced charges, an acquittal, and a misdemeanor or felony conviction that could have been avoided.

You might be tempted to use a public defender, but with so much to lose, an overworked and underpaid public servant with a caseload so heavy that they don’t have time to devote to your defense probably isn’t your ideal option.

Likewise, the average criminal law firm in Taylor probably doesn’t have a lot of experience specifically handling domestic assault cases. That lack of expertise puts you at a major strategic disadvantage.

The laws regarding intimate partner violence in Michigan are very nuanced – what separates a felony from a misdemeanor or an acquittal from a conviction can come down to the right interpretation, motion, or argument made in court.

As the #1 domestic violence law firm in Michigan, Blank Law knows what it takes to win your case and is focused on fighting for your Constitutional, legal, and civil rights.

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The Best Domestic Violence Lawyers in Taylor, Michigan

For over 20 years, founding defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker has worked on both sides of the law, first as an Assistant Prosecutor for Macomb County, and then as private defense counsel. For Macomb County, Nicole led the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes units.

Attorney Christopher Coyle has extremely relevant local experience because before joining Blank Law, he was a Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor for over 30 years. Chris even served as the Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit.

Due to their unique experience, Nicole and Chris are able to anticipate the prosecution’s next moves and prepare the most-effective defense possible.

To discuss your case and start planning your defense Contact Nicole or Chris at Blank Law, PC TODAY for a free initial consultation.

Where Are Taylor Domestic Violence Cases Tried?


23rd District Court

23365 Goddard Road

Taylor, MI 48180

(734) 374-1334


3rd Judicial Circuit Court

Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

1441 St. Antoine

Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 224-7018

Taylor Domestic Violence Judges

23rd District District Court

There are two judges presiding over the 23rd District Court in Taylor.

Honorable Victoria I. Shackelford

Honorable Joseph Slaven

3rd Judicial Circuit Court

There are 23 judges serving on the bench for the Criminal Division of the 3rd Circuit Court in Detroit.

Honorable Donald Knapp, Jr. (Presiding)

Honorable Chandra W. Baker-Robinson

Honorable Mariam Bazzi

Honorable Gregory Dean Bill

Honorable Christopher M. Blount

Honorable Bradley Cobb

Honorable Kevin J. Cox

Honorable Kiefer Cox

Honorable Paul J. Cusick

Honorable Prentis Edwards, Jr.

Honorable Wanda A. Evans

Honorable John C. Gillis

Honorable Tracy E. Green

Honorable Bridget Mary Hathaway

Honorable Nicholas Hathaway

Honorable Anne McCarthy

Honorable Kelly A. Ramsey

Honorable Mark T. Slavens

Honorable Deborah A. Thomas

Honorable Regina D. Thomas

Honorable Margaret M. Van Houten

Honorable Shannon N. Walker

Wayne County Prosecutor

Kym L. Worthy

(313) 224-5777

Domestic Violence Unit

(313) 224-5857

Special Victim’s Unit

(313) 224-5809

23rd District Court and 3rd Circuit Court Parking

There are three parking lots for the 23rd District Court in Taylor – on the north, west, and south sides of the building.

The primary parking lot for the 3rd Circuit Court in Detroit is to the west of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Nearby Restaurants


The vast majority of lunch options in Taylor are to the east, along Goddard, or to the northeast, along Telegraph Road. While there are plenty of fast-food choices, there are also several unique local restaurants.

Malek Al-Kabob

22371 Goddard Road

(313) 203-2067


Rocky’s Chinese Food

22322 Goddard Road

(313) 299-3322


The Sushi Bar

10135 Telegraph Road

(313) 406-5998



Here are some lunch options you should try near the 3rd Circuit Court, many along Woodward Avenue:

Asian Corned Beef

12300 Woodward Avenue

(313) 826-0211


Lanette’s Shrimp House

13548 Woodward Avenue

(313) 438-5800


Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe

71 Oakman Boulevard

(313) 865-1288

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