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Our sex crime lawyers have experience serving Harper Woods residents accused of a sex crime. We fight to keep them from being charged with a criminal offense and convicted as sex offenders. Reach out to us to book a defense lawyer free consultation if you are accused of sex crimes in Harper Wood, MI.

We have a reputation for serving Harper Woods clients charged with sex crimes, like, but not limited to, child pornography, child molestation, criminal sexual conduct, statutory rape, criminal sexual abuse, soliciting prostitution, domestic violence, and internet sex crimes. We also defend individuals charged with personal injury crimes involving sexual misconduct.

Our law firm has extensive experience representing Harper Woods residents. We offer various legal services for all types of sex crimes or legal problems in Harper Woods, MI.

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Anyone accused of a sex crime in Harper Woods or anywhere else in Michigan must retain the services of a Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyer. Many law firms offer a free consultation to help you get the legal assistance you need if you are accused of a sex crime.

When you arrange a free consultation with Michigan law firms or visit law offices around you, you can determine which criminal defense attorney suits your sex crime case best. Reach out to our sexual assault defense lawyers for a free consultation for a sex crime arising in Harper Woods, MI.

For years, our CSC lawyers have diligently channeled our criminal defense resources and efforts into serving Harper Wood clients to prevent sex crime convictions under the Michigan legal system.

Our lead lawyer, Nicole Blank Becker, is a top female criminal defense attorney with a track record of serving Harper Woods residents charged with a sex crime in Michigan. She has an extensive background in Michigan criminal law, and does not concentrate on any other areas of law practice, such as family law.

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Nicole works hard with the rest of her legal team to reduce the charges against our clients or get them dropped altogether. However, if the court finds you guilty of a sex crime in Michigan, she will also help you get a lighter punishment. Complete this online form to book a free consultation with our law firm today.

Michigan criminal law and the criminal justice system process imposes severe penalties on those who perpetrate sex crimes. A typical court punishment for those found guilty of sex crimes in Harper Woods, MI is a life sentence in prison, based on how severe the alleged offense was. You will also most likely be registered as a sex offender in Michigan or subject to lifetime electronic monitoring.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker will assist you in avoiding these harsh penalties. In addition, she can help to keep your name from being listed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. Schedule a free consultation with our law office now.

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If You Are Accused of a Sex Crime, Do Not Delay in Contacting a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many people have an idea of the operation of the criminal justice system. We learn about criminal cases in the newspaper, social media, and the local news. We also watch television shows about detectives or crimes.

However, a criminal investigation or trial under the Michigan criminal justice system, in reality, differs from what we may be used to. Unlike television shows or superficial news reports, criminal cases are incredibly drawn-out, complex, and stressful.

If you are found guilty of a sex crime in Harper Woods, MI, you could be sentenced to prison and subjected to other harsh penalties. You must hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect yourself.

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You should hire a CSC defense attorney with experience serving Harper Woods clients to increase your chances of succeeding in your criminal case (learn what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer here). Our sex crime lawyers are prepared to assist you. Contact our law firm for a free consultation for a sex offense in Harper Woods, MI.

If You Require a Skilled Sex Crimes Lawyer in Harper Woods, MI, Our Legal Team at Blank Law, PC is Ready to Fight for You!

Our sexual abuse defense lawyers independently investigate all allegations against you to help us build solid sexual assault defense strategies for your case.

We do not take the prosecution’s evidence at face value. Instead, we review each accusation carefully and collect evidence that will support your case. We also talk to potential bystanders who can corroborate your claims. Our legal team works hard to help you create an aggressive criminal sexual conduct defense to help your case.

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The Harper Woods, MI Court System

Wayne County has numerous district courts dispersed throughout. It is the most populous county in Michigan, with the busiest judicial system in the country.

The 31st District Court handles preliminary hearings in felony cases and misdemeanor sex crimes committed in Harper Woods, MI.

The location of the 31st District Court is:

31st District Court

3401 Evaline Street

Hamtramck, MI 48212

The Third Judicial Circuit Court is where felony and severe misdemeanor sex offense cases are handled.

The Third Circuit Court’s Criminal Division is located in Detroit at:

Third Judicial Circuit Court

1441 St. Antoine

Detroit, MI 48230

Harper Woods, MI is a relatively small city in Michigan with over 15,000 residents. The city is a metro Detroit suburb in the northeast, bordered by Detroit on the south and west.

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If you are charged with a sex offense in Harper Woods, MI, you need quick legal assistance. Our sex crimes attorneys can provide the required legal support you need at any time. Reach out to us for a free consultation today.

We have experience serving Harper Woods clients accused of domestic violence, child pornography or molestation, internet sex crimes, child sexual abuse, and other family law-related criminal offenses.

We also represent clients from anywhere in Michigan, including Michigan State University and University of Michigan students charged with sex crimes. In addition, we are known for representing people accused of federal crimes in Harper Woods, MI, too.

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You can’t put a price on your reputation and freedom. Contact our law office for a free consultation now.

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