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Blank Law, PC was founded by a former prosecutor tasked with trying sex crimes in criminal court. Prior to establishing one of Michigan’s most successful criminal defense firms, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker ran the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit in Macomb County. In fact, she was responsible for training several of the prosecutors she faces in court today. The optics of hiring a strong, respected female criminal defense attorney cannot be stressed enough. Sex-related charges require a creative defense that works from every angle. Looks matter.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, you will be hard-pressed to find a more versatile advocate. If you are being charged with a sex offense, do not try to go it alone. The super lawyers we have at Blank Law, PC have handled all types of cases ranging from complex criminal sexual conduct 1st degree felonies to criminal sexual conduct 4th degree misdemeanors. From prostitution, solicitation, and indecent exposure to child molestation, child pornography, and criminal sexual abuse, our law firm has decades of practice handling these delicate issues.

Being accused of any sex crime can be terrifying, but rest assured we have successfully defended clients accused of the most egregious crimes. Get a confidential free consultation by contacting our rape defense unit for Warren, MI today.

Warren Sex Crimes Lawyer

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Being accused of a sex crime is a serious legal issue. It takes aggressive advocacy by a skilled litigator focused on this area of practice. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC is among the elite “super lawyers” in criminal defense with a practice dedicated to representing those accused of sex crimes. Do not wait for a sex crime charge to become a conviction to act. You may still have a chance to argue down a felony or prevail in an appeal that could change your life. Make a free consultation with our local sex crime super lawyers and feel peace of mind.

If You are Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct, Say Little and Do Not Settle

When you are accused of sexual assault, remember that the police and investigators are not your friends. It is natural to want to “help” by giving them the “answers” they are seeking, but do not fall for their intimidation tactics or let them tag team you to the point of exhaustion. They will if you let them, trust us! Before you know it, you may be making a recorded statement or signing a document just to get out. Rather than digging yourself into a deeper hole, say you would like to speak to your attorney and contact Blank Law, PC immediately. A dedicated representative will be at your side to help.

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Personal Injury in Sex Crimes

Michigan law may allege “personal injury” as a part of first and second degree criminal sexual conduct. Most criminal lawyers want to steer away from such cases, but with over two decades of experience fighting such charges, the sex crime lawyers of Blank Law, PC are accustomed to complex cases alleging personal injury, from indictment to post-conviction relief and appeals. Contact our law office for a Michigan criminal defense attorney free consultation and leave the rest up to us.

Blank Law, PC Defends Warren Residents Accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct

It is hard to keep silent when people in uniforms start with soft-ball questions like:

  • What is your relationship with the alleged victim?
  • How do you know each other?
  • Where did you meet?

Remember the only people cops and prosecutors serve and protect are themselves. You will need forceful representation to get a fair trial. Without legal knowledge or experience, every answer you give without the advice of counsel is wrong. Think of your statements as admissions of guilt. It is neither rude nor criminal to not talk to the police while waiting for your sex crimes lawyer. You can politely decline to answer because you simply lack the expertise.

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Defending Against Criminal Sexual Conduct with Personal Injury

Blank Law, PC believes in empowering criminal defendants through knowledge. After all, you are facing a government with unlimited resources. Do not try to get on their side. They have much more practice at breaking your will and forcing you to speak through lengthy interrogation techniques. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

Personal injury in sex crime cases is different than in civil suits. Even if you think you know personal injury law, criminal defense is different. Call a criminal sexual conduct attorney with experience defending sex allegations with personal injury as an aggravating factor.

Defending against the different degrees of criminal sexual conduct (CSC) requires knowing the details of each. For instance, criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree and 4th degree requires only sexual contact, rather than CSC 1st degree and CSC 3rd degree, which requires sexual penetration. Personal injury, however, can become an aggravating factor in any of the CSC degrees.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

Hearing this sort of legal language is intimidating. Blank Law, PC puts clients at ease by breaking down complex terms, so you know what you are up against. You will have plenty of time to ask questions like:

When clients understand the charges they are facing, they can better decide how to handle their case. With knowledge of the adversarial criminal justice system, it is near impossible to make sound decisions. Reputable firms like Blank Law, PC exist for this purpose. If you value your liberty and reputation, you will want client-focused service and zealous advocacy. Do not settle for less.

Prosecutors can claim personal injury was a circumstance used to force sexual penetration or contact. The sex offender lawyers at Blank Law, PC hold prosecutors’ feet to the fire in sex crime cases such as sexual assault, child pornography, and indecent exposure. A worry-free consultation will explain how the prosecution trumps up charges arising out of innocuous events like a police officer responding to a domestic dispute or cases where a vengeful spouse files charges to win child custody.

Nicole Blank Becker Lawyer of Blank Law PC

Macomb County Courts Hold Trials for Sex Crimes in Warren, MI

If you are implicated in this type of crime, “aggravating” circumstances like personal injury will not just disappear. The criminal justice system will bring its full force to bear upon you. Get a free consultation with a law firm experienced in handling sex crimes to ensure police and investigative reports are not used as evidence against you in court.

Blank Law, PC has defended misdemeanor sex crimes cases in all nine district courts in Macomb County. Warren’s 37th district court is located at:

8300 Common Road

Warren, MI 48903

Our Warren sexual assault lawyers also defend felony cases before Macomb’s 16th circuit court, which is located at:

40 North Main Street

Mount Clemens, MI 48043

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Consequences of Personal Injury as an Additional Circumstance

Personal injury circumstances alleged in the context of sex crimes are serious. Although the state carries the burden of proof, you will need a tight criminal sexual conduct defense or face both criminal and civil penalties. In cases involving sex offenses like statutory rape, child pornography, and indecent exposure, jurors have the tendency to side with those perceived as “helpless” against the accused’s abuse of power. Get a free consultation with our super lawyers to protect your rights. You will need an experienced litigator to prove your innocence.

Get an Aggressive Advocate to Avoid Prison and Sex Offender Registration

Do not let baseless claims taint your reputation. Since sex crime cases alleging personal injury often involve school children, the elderly, and positions of authority, conviction could also mean permanent branding as a sex offender and the requirement to join the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. Find out how to avoid these in a free consultation with us.

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Seasoned Sex Crimes Litigators for a Flat Fee

In addition to a free consultation, Blank Law, PC also offers services for a flat fee. You will immediately feel the difference once backed by our team of seasoned litigators. Our law firm keeps you apprised of all developments in your case to help steer your life back on course.

Contact Blank Law, PC Immediately if You are Facing Criminal Charges

If you are facing criminal charges, especially sex crimes, it is natural to feel alone and helpless. This is why Blank Law, PC provides around-the-clock legal consultations to answer your questions. It is hassle and obligation free at absolutely no cost to you. Our sexual abuse lawyers are available 24/7 to address your concerns. There is no reason to stress and suffer in silence.

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All inquiries are kept private as part of the attorney-client relationship. Our contact form sends information directly to our attorneys to protect any confidential or sensitive information. Call us for a free consultation today.

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