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According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, sex crimes occur an average of every 68 seconds in the United States, leading to an increase in cases of both true and false reported sex crime charges. Michigan has the 4th highest sex offender population in America, but the city of Dearborn in Wayne County, Michigan, has lower sex crime accusations than other cities in the state. Regardless, there is one sex offender for every 956 residents.

If you have ever been accused of a sex crime in Dearborn, the first step in fighting back is reaching out to experienced criminal defense attorneys. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker at the Blank Law, PC law firm is the most competent and experienced sex crime lawyer in the state of Michigan.

Dearborn Sex Crimes Lawyer

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After graduating from law school at Wayne State University in 2000, Nicole started her profession as a legal aid at the defense attorney’s office and subsequently served three years as an assistant prosecutor at Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in Detroit.

However, her prominent roles include Chief of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse unit from 2014-2018 and as an assistant prosecutor in Macomb County for a little under 12 years. She finally ventured into private practice, as she is the founder of the Blank Law, PC law firm, which specializes in criminal defense of criminal sexual conduct and rape cases.

So, if you or your loved one has been accused of sex crimes in Dearborn, MI, you simply cannot afford to hire anyone but the very best Dearborn Sex Crimes Lawyer in Michigan.

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Why You Need Nicole’s Experienced, Aggressive, and Calculated Approach in Your Corner

Aggressive is the quality most commonly attributed to Nicole’s strategic approach. With the high-pressure stakes and media scrutiny emphasized on criminal sexual conduct defense cases and the public anger directed at both the accused and the CSC defense attorney, sex crime lawyers often succumb to the pressure and fight for their clients rather timidly.

Nicole, being in the ranks of the more prominent sex offender lawyers in the state, is no stranger to media scrutiny and has the panache to deflect the pressure from her clients.

Her process of reassuring her clients while aggressively fighting for them with her excellent ligation skills and experienced negotiation techniques to get the odds in the client’s favor remains extraordinary.

The combination of the three-fold experience of being a prosecutor, head of the Sex Crime and Child Abuse Unit, and now into private practice solely focused on sexual assaults has given her a thorough and immeasurable understanding of criminal sexual conduct cases and the Michigan Law governing it.

Nicole Blank Becker Lawyer for Sexting Crime

With both the law and public perception leaning in support of the accuser, Nicole believes in defending your case through an aggressive, yet calculated offense.

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) and its Effect in Dearborn, MI

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In Michigan law, sexual offenses are called criminal sexual conduct (CSC). CSC has four distinct degrees ranging from unwanted non-penetration sexual acts (i.e. offensive touching), internet sex crimes, and statutory rape classified in the CSC 3rd degree, to non-consensual sexual penetration in the CSC 1st degree.

Hence sexual criminal offenses can have a vast spectrum with a range of penalties imposed by the Michigan sex crime penal code.

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CSC degrees involve both consensual and non-consensual acts, and it is possible that what you thought was a legal and consensual sexual act was, in the eyes of Michigan Law and federal court, a sex crime. Hence it is crucial that you hire sexual assault lawyers who understand the broad range of sex crime charges falling under CSC and know how to navigate the criminal justice system.

Any legal issue relating to a CSC charge can fundamentally alter your life, and it is essential to speak to a specialized sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

No other criminal sexual conduct attorney has a more thorough understanding of the legal issues relating to Michigan criminal offenses law, especially of criminal sexual conduct and the associated penal code, than Nicole Blank Becker.

Having worked as a prosecutor, as head of the Sex Crime Unit, and, subsequently, as the head of the Blank Law, PC law firm, Nicole is the most befitting criminal defense attorney.

Cross Examination of a Child Witness and Why it is So Often Mishandled

Sexual abuse lawyers often mishandle legal issues involved in sex crimes and statutory rape cases more than any other criminal cases, ranging from not properly objecting to evidence that is inadmissible to the most common, yet the single most crucial skill that sex crime lawyers must have in their arsenal, i.e., to communicate and cross-examine a child.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer Help

Criminal defense lawyers tend to forget it is not a police officer on the stand, but a child. Manipulating children, pushing for emotional responses, or confusing a child witness so that they cannot answer will not help your lawyer’s opinion in front of the jury and could cost you your case.

Nicole Blank Becker and the Blank Law, PC law firm has extensive expertise in balancing the delicate art of obtaining the truth from the child, without causing undue stress or emotional trauma. With her natural sympathetic persona, she has been successful time and again in developing an instant connection of trust with the child.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

Nicole has conducted hundreds of interviews at the county Child Advocacy Center (CAC), which has provided her with an invaluable experience not shared by her peers. Call us now or contact us online to learn more about child cross-examination and problems that occur relating to child witnesses in Dearborn, MI.

Why You Need a Sex Crimes Lawyer

Can a Detroit Sex Crimes Lawyer Effectively Defend Me

Sex crime allegations can ruin one’s life. If accused of sex crime charges, you are already presumed guilty. The jury thinks you are guilty, the public thinks you are guilty, and the prosecution thinks you are guilty.

However, at least 2% to 10% of sexual assault allegations reported are proven to be false. This can occur when someone has intentionally or unintentionally wrongly identified you or if your sexual partner withdraws consent after sex due to several reasons.

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All these cases have different remedies, and it does not matter if you are convicted; if not handled by a professional and experienced sex crimes attorney, mere allegations can tarnish your reputation and career for the rest of your life.

Due to the delicate nature of the sex crime charges and child pornography cases, you need an attorney that fights with all their might to drop charges and restore your tainted reputation — someone with in-depth knowledge of all the ins and outs of the Michigan Sexual Conduct Laws and Michigan Sentencing Guidelines.

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Nicole, being a prior prosecutor herself, can not only predict the prosecution’s case before it is even presented, but will create impregnable sexual assault defense strategies to throw out your sentence. This cannot be achieved by any inexperienced attorney whose sole focus is not sex crimes, let alone by sex crime lawyers appointed by the state, also known as public defenders. You cannot afford to hire anyone but the very best.

Therefore, if you are charged with a sex crime in Dearborn Heights, MI and want someone to represent you the same way one would like to be represented, contact Nicole Blank Becker at Blank Law, PC now, where she is always ready to take your calls, read your emails, and respond to all your queries.

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Our team of Dearborn Heights, MI sex crime lawyers is always prepared to help you in any way possible; reach out to us now!

Under Michigan Criminal Law

Your Entire Future and Liberty are at Stake

So, whether you are convicted of false or incorrect charges, child pornography, internet sex crimes, child sexual abuse, solicitation charges, put at risk of being registered as a sex offender on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, have travel restrictions imposed on you due to being on the sex offender registry, or are looking to restore your tarnished reputation, get in touch with the best sex crimes attorney in Dearborn, MI, Nicole Blank Becker.

At Blank Law, PC, we will establish a robust and winning defense for your alleged sex crime by a proven and experienced method of establishing whether the police appropriately collected the physical evidence, investigating the history of the accuser for any previous accusations, finding out ulterior motives, discovering false memory implantations, or unearthing any mistakes in the investigation of law enforcement agencies to create a reasonable doubt and help you quash your conviction.

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With your entire future and liberty at stake, you should only put your trust in Nicole Blank Becker at Blank Law, PC, the best sex crimes attorney in Dearborn, MI. No one in Dearborn Heights, MI, can boast of having 25+ years solely dedicated to sex crime. This, combined with Nicole’s aggressive, persistent, compassionate, and straightforward nature, there is no one in Dearborn, MI you would rather have in your corner other than her.

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If you are accused of sex crimes in Dearborn, MI, please call us now at (248) 5156583 and book a free consultation to help us help you. At the same time, rest assured that any conversation between us will be maintained under the attorneyclient privilege.

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