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Sex crime charges in Michigan could have disastrous repercussions. Suppose you are found guilty of sexual assault in Michigan. In that case, you can receive a prison sentence or a fine and be listed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

Even if you are not found guilty, the accusations against you will damage your reputation and subject you to societal stigma.

Therefore, you must respond to sexual crime charges quickly and effectively. If you or your loved one have been accused of statutory rape, child pornography, internet sex crimes, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, or other sexual offenses, the most crucial step in defending yourself is hiring a sex crimes lawyer.

There are many sex crime lawyers in Belleville, MI, so you must choose an attorney who will fight hard for you. Top Belleville sex crimes lawyer Nicole Blank Becker can assist you in building aggressive sexual assault defense strategies to fight the criminal charges against you.

As one of the leading Michigan sex crime lawyers, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has established a solid track record of defending clients accused of sex crimes in Belleville, MI. She can guide you through the Michigan criminal justice system and advise you on your options. You can always count on Nicole to solve your legal issues.

Belleville Sex Crime Lawyer

Nicole Blank Becker is a top criminal defense attorney who represents those facing sex crime charges in Belleville and all around the state of Michigan.

She has successfully assisted clients in preventing a sexual assault conviction or obtaining reduced punishments if they are found guilty of a sex crime.

Having undergone peer review and based on her clients’ testimonies, Nicole is regarded as one of the best sex crime lawyers in Belleville, MI. She has a significant advantage over other Michigan sex crime lawyers because of her prior experience working as a prosecutor in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Units in Macomb County.

Nicole has decades of experience over many other sex offender lawyers in providing legal representation to clients in criminal cases involving child pornography, date rape, child molestation, criminal sexual abuse, aggravated sexual assault, internet sex crimes, and all other sex offenses. She places a high value on building a solid attorney-client relationship with her clients so they may speak honestly with her about any sensitive or personal material about their legal issue.

Contact us at Blank Law, PC, if you or a loved one has been accused of sexual assault or other sex offenses in Belleville, MI or anywhere in Michigan.

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If you are under investigation for a sex offense in Belleville or anywhere else in Michigan, you need to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney right away. You can not wait until you face sexual crime charges before seeking the best sexual assault lawyers in your city.

Once the authorities have contacted you concerning a legal issue, you must seek legal counsel. You are more likely to create aggressive sexual assault defense strategies if you engage the best sex crime lawyers around you.

Before discussing your case with a law enforcement official, you must consult a criminal sexual conduct attorney. Additionally, exercising caution while interacting with anyone about the case would be beneficial, because whatever you say could be used as evidence against you.

You will not suffer consequences for refusing to speak with the police during an investigation until you have talked with your CSC defense attorney.

What are the Possible Penalties for a Sex Crime Conviction?

Sex crimes are generally referred to as criminal sexual conduct (CSC) under Michigan law.

They include child pornography, sexual abuse, rape, statutory rape, and indecent exposure. These sex offenses are divided into four categories of criminal sexual conduct under Section 750.520 of the Michigan Penal Code.

CSC Degrees

The first three degrees of criminal sexual conduct are classified as felonies, while criminal sexual conduct 4th degree may be considered a misdemeanor. The penalties for a sex crime conviction under Michigan criminal law depend on the CSC degree under which it is classified.

CSC 1st Degree

The most serious sex offenses involving sexual penetration fall under criminal sexual conduct 1st degree. This category frequently also entails aggravating circumstances, such as the alleged victim being a person under 13 years old or the perpetrator carrying a weapon or what the victim perceived as a weapon at the time of the crime.

Other aggravating circumstances of CSC 1st degree include that sexual penetration took place while another crime was being committed or the perpetrator knew the alleged victim was physically helpless or mentally incapacitated.

A first-degree criminal sexual act is punishable by a maximum life sentence, a fine, lifetime electronic monitoring, and being placed on the sex offender registry.

CSC 2nd Degree

The most serious sex offenses involving unwanted criminal sexual contact fall under criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree. The same types of aggravating circumstances present in first-degree CSC are frequently existent in CSC 2nd degree. Its penalties include a maximum 15-year prison sentence, inclusion on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, and lifelong electronic monitoring.

CSC 3rd Degree

On the other hand, sex offenses that involve sexual penetration, but lack the aggravating elements of first-degree CSC fall under criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree. A mandatory minimum sentencing and mandatory sex offender registration are some of the CSC 3rd-degree Michigan penalties.

CSC 4th Degree

Sex crimes that involve non-consensual sexual contact, but lack the aggravating circumstances found in 2nd degree CSC fall under CSC 4th degree. 4th degree sexual assault is a misdemeanor sex crime, but Michigan courts typically treat it as a felony.

Sex crimes classified as 4th-degree CSC are punishable by a maximum 2-year prison term and require registration as a sex offender.

There are several legal defenses available to counter sex crime accusations in Michigan. An aggressive criminal defense plan can help you beat the charges. You must consult a rape defense attorney before choosing your criminal case’s best course of action.

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Consent is the most frequently used defense against claims of sexual assault. Since adults can engage in consensual sexual activity without breaking the law, consent could be used as a legal defense if the victim is 17 or older and the sexual activity was with their consent (see: what is the age of consent in Michigan?)

If you genuinely believed the victim to be an adult, you may not be able to avoid a sex crime conviction; but it could lessen the severity of your punishment if it turns out that the victim is a child. This is because minors cannot consent to sexual activity. Additionally, consent does not apply to a victim who cannot consent due to physical or mental impairment.

Another wellknown defense used in sexual assault cases is mistaken identity. Due to intoxication or forgetfulness, victims occasionally have problems recognizing the sex offenders. If you can prove the cops were mistaken in thinking you were the culprit, you might be able to disprove the sexual accusations.

Having a credible alibi is also a solid defense against sex crimes. Videos, pictures, CCTV footage, and witness testimonies can all help to establish a convincing alibi. If there is sufficient evidence that you were not present at the crime scene, the charges against you will be dropped.

Hire Top Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker to Beat Criminal Charges in Belleville, MI

You need professional legal representation if you or your loved one face sex offense charges in Belleville, Michigan. You need a criminal defense lawyer to protect your legal rights and help you secure your freedom. At this time, you should be consulting the best sexual abuse lawyers around you.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is a top Michigan sex crimes lawyer.

Nicole has successfully defended clients facing criminal charges for rape, sexual exploitation, child pornography, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, and all other sex crimes. Her experience as a former prosecuting attorney sets her apart from other sex crime lawyers in Belleville, MI.

Once you establish an attorney-client relationship with our law firm, we will work with you to build and tailor an effective defense plan for the sex offense charges brought against you.

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