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If you live in the Detroit area and are facing domestic violence charges, you need specialized and expert legal help. If convicted, the penalties are serious and life-changing, so having the right domestic violence criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference.

Domestic Violence Legal Definition

Michigan Law defines domestic violence as a criminal assault where the perpetrator has or had a personal relationship with the victim. This includes:

  • Current or former spouse/domestic partner
  • Two people who have a child/children together
  • Current or former dating/intimate relationship
  • Anyone who lived in the same household

A “dating relationship” is legally defined as “an expectation of affectional involvement.” This means Michigan domestic violence laws do not apply to casual relationships or simple acquaintances from other social or business settings.

A top Detroit domestic violence criminal defense attorney understands that such important legal distinctions can help you fight improper charges.

Prohibited Acts of Domestic Violence

Michigan’s Domestic Violence and Treatment Act makes it illegal to engage in any of the following behaviors against anyone from a current or former defined personal relationship.

  • Causing or attempting to cause physical or mental harm
  • Coercing or attempting to coerce them into involuntary sexual activity by the use of force, the threat of force, or any other form of duress
  • Causing them to be in fear of physical or mental harm
  • Behaving in such a way that would cause some reasonable outsider to feel molested, harassed, threatened, intimidated, frightened, or terrorized

Examples of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in Detroit is defined as a type or pattern or behavior involving a current or prior personal relationship.

If convicted of domestic violence charges in Detroit, other possible consequences include steep fines, mandatory psychological testing and counseling, anger management, batterer’s intervention, parenting classes, alcohol and drug treatment, supervised child visitation, loss of parental rights, and lifetime registration as a sexual offender.

Why You Need a Detroit Domestic Criminal Defense Lawyer

With so much at stake, you need the best representation possible to protect your rights, your freedom, your finances, your future, and your family.

But not just any lawyer will do – domestic violence laws in Michigan are very nuanced, and having the right Detroit domestic assault attorney can literally mean the difference between dropped charges and a felony conviction that puts you behind bars for the rest of your life.

Unmatched Legal Knowledge and Experience

Other Detroit law firms cannot match the extensive legal knowledge and proven experience of the domestic violence criminal defense specialists at Blank Law, PC.

Founding criminal defense attorney Nicole Blank Becker has worked both in private practice and as a Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor, eventually serving as Chief of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Crimes Units.

Associate Attorney Christopher Coyle has equally-impressive experience. Prior to joining Blank Law, PC, he worked as an Assistant Prosecutor for the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office, eventually advancing to Deputy Chief of the Special Victims Unit.

Collectively and individually, Nicole and Chris have earned their outstanding reputations within the Michigan legal community. They know and are known by local prosecutors and judges, so they can anticipate the opposition’s strategies and next moves.

This means hiring Blank Law, PC, as your domestic violence criminal defense law firm gives you your best chance for a positive resolution to your case.

Hiring the Best Domestic Violence Lawyer in Detroit

For the best possible outcome, you need a legal specialist – a criminal defense attorney focused on domestic violence cases in Detroit. That is precisely why you need to contact Blank Law, PC TODAY for a free consultation.

Where Are Detroit Domestic Violence Cases Tried?

36th District Court

421 Madison Street

Detroit, Michigan 48226

(313) 965-2200

Detroit Domestic Violence Judges

Chief Judge:

Honorable William C. McConico

Chief Judge Pro Tem:

Honorable Aliyah Sabree


Honorable Roberta C. Archer
Honorable Demetria Brue
Honorable E. Lynise Bryant
Honorable Donald Coleman
Honorable Raeigen L. Evans
Honorable Austin W. Garrett
Honorable Ruth Ann Garrett
Honorable Ronald Giles
Honorable Adrienne Hinnant-Johnson
Honorable Shannon A. Holmes
Honorable Shawn K. Jacque
Honorable Patricia L. Jefferson
Honorable Alicia Jones-Coleman
Honorable Kenyetta Stanford Jones
Honorable Kenneth J. King
Honorable Christina V. Kennedy
Honorable Jacquelyn A. McClinton
Honorable Donna Robinson Milhouse
Honorable Sean B. Perkins
Honorable Kevin F. Robbins
Honorable David S. Robinson, Jr.
Honorable Adam Sabree
Honorable Millicent D. Sherman
Honorable Marlena E. Taylor
Honorable Michael E. Wagner
Honorable Larry D. Williams, Jr.
Honorable Tenisha R. Yancey

Wayne County Domestic Violence Unit

Wayne County Prosecutor

Kym L. Worthy

(313) 224-5777

Special Victims Unit

Kellie Gleason

(313) 224-5809

36th District Court Parking

There are several parking lots within easy walking distance of the 36th District Courthouse, four blocks or less.

(Nearest listed first)

  • 461 Gratiot Avenue
  • 401 Gratiot Avenue
  • 1468 Randolph Street
  • 1400 Randolph Street, Lot N
  • 451 Macomb Street, 1326 Brush Street Lot
  • 401 Monroe Street
  • 219 Gratiot Avenue, the Z Garage
  • 301 Monroe Street

Restaurants Near the 36th District Court

Appearing in court can be physically and emotionally draining. As a courtesy, here are some nearby restaurants where you can grab breakfast or lunch and recharge.

Union Assembly

American Comfort Food

2131 Woodward Avenue

(313) 636-6000


Brass Rail Pizza Bar

Pizza and Burgers

18 W. Adams

(313) 964-0782


San Morello


1400 Woodward Avenue

(313) 209-4700


Five Guys

Fast Food Burgers

508 Monroe Street

(313) 237-7777


Loco’s Tex-Mex Grille


454 East Lafayette Street

(313) 965-3737

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