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Non-Compliant Sex Offender Michigan: What You Need to Know

Blank Law, PC Team

Non-Compliant Sex Offender Michigan: What You Need to Know

Being listed or registered as a sex offender in Michigan carries a lot of restrictions.

Aside from getting your name, your personal information, and criminal history listed in a public data record (Michigan Sex Offender Registry), there are several rules and regulations that you must strictly follow. These restrictions must be followed religiously or else you will face the consequences, which may include hard prison time.

The Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act also requires registered sex offenders to regularly report to their local law enforcement agency, sheriff’s office, or nearest state police post to verify their latest information. Failure to comply with this rule might result in a penalty of up to two years of incarceration.

The act also requires all registered sex offenders to report all changes of their name, address, employment, vehicles, and even their social media accounts. Failure to do so might result in up to four years of incarceration.

Non Compliant Sex Offender in Michigan

Non-Compliant Sex Offender Michigan

Here is more detailed information about the sex offender registration records reporting requirements for the Michigan Sex Offender Registry and restrictions under the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act:

The Reporting Requirements under MCL 28.725 requires all sex offender registries, no matter if on the private or public sex offender registry, who are residents of Michigan to report in-person and notify law enforcement immediately (defined as three business days) after they do any of the following:

  • Changes or vacates his or her residence or domicile
  • Change of place of employment or employment is discontinued
  • Enrolls as a student with an institution of higher education, changes campuses, or enrollment is discontinued
  • Change his or her name
  • Intends to temporarily reside at any place other than his or her residence for more than seven days
  • Establishes any email address, instant message address, or any other designations used in electronic communications
  • Purchases or begins to regularly operate any vehicle and when ownership or operation is discontinued

It is also noted that a non-compliant registered sex or child offender is classified as anyone who does any of the following actions:

  • Fails to register (see failure to register as a sex offender)
  • Fails to change their address when they move or vacate a residence
  • Fails to verify their address
  • Fails to pay the $50 onetime registration fee and/or $50 annual fee
  • Fails to sign a registration, notification, or verification form
  • Fails to provide or update campus information
  • Fails to provide or update vehicle information
  • Fails to provide or update employment information
  • Fails to provide name change
  • Fails to report email address(es) and/or internet identifiers
  • Fails to maintain a valid Michigan driver’s license or personal identification card
  • Resides, works, or loiters within 1,000 feet of a school

Source: https://www.michigan.gov/

Being one of the convicted sex offenders on the sex offender registry in Michigan is quite a heavy burden to carry. Not following rules, regulations, and restrictions can result in jail time and can ruin your future.

If you or someone you know is registered as a sex offender in Michigan, you will need an aggressive, experienced, and well respected Michigan criminal sexual conduct attorney on your side. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has all these credentials when it comes to any sex crime.

Nicole’s 20+ years of practice and experience in criminal law makes her more than just a top Michigan lawyer. She was the Chief of the Sexual Assault Unit and the Child Abuse Unit in Macomb County for years. Now, as a criminal defense attorney, she is solely focused on sex crimes. Therefore, she has deep insight into Michigan sex crime laws from both sides of the table.

Having worked with countless people facing criminal sexual conduct charges, Nicole understands that being charged with sexual offenses, no matter if it is illegal sexual penetration, child pornography, soliciting prostitution online, etc., does not define who you are. Nicole is ready to fight for you, and she does not back down. In fact, Nicole believes in fighting for her clients tenaciously.


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