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Cybersex Crimes: Everything You Need to Know

Blank Law, PC Team

Cybersex Crimes: Everything You Need to Know

The number of reported internet sex crimes has significantly increased as a result of the growth of the internet. Let’s face it, almost everyone you know uses the internet.

Unfortunately, these crimes, which can include sexual assault, can have severe and lifelong effects for both the victims and the perpetrators, and frequently include the exploitation and abuse of vulnerable groups, especially children.

Cybersex Crimes

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Internet sex crimes are sometimes often known as cybersex crimes. They are unlawful acts that employ the use of the internet to facilitate sexual conduct, like obscene sexual performance.

These offenses come in many different ways. They include creating, distributing, or owning child pornography. They also include solicitation of a minor online and having intercourse with them.

The use of the internet for any kind of sexual conduct with a juvenile is a crime under Michigan law. So, anyone found guilty of such sexual activity may suffer harsh penalties, like incarceration. You could also end up being included on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. Trust us, you don’t want that!

Since people can be anonymous online with the help of tools like VPNs, it can be challenging to identify and prosecute internet sex crimes. However, law enforcement organizations are getting better at investigating these sorts of crimes. They can now use very advanced technology to acquire evidence.

So, it is always wise to get an internet sex crimes attorney as soon as you can if you have been charged with a cybersex crime in order to fight these serious allegations. You may see a lot of attorney advertising on TV and online ads, but you must choose an attorney who has handled cyber sex crime cases before. So please do some research, because your life depends on it. Learn what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer here.

Child Pornography

Child Pornography involves the sexual exploitation of minors. This makes child pornography a particularly troubling type of cybersex crime. Even when we take a step away from Michigan Law, the federal law criminalizes everything about child porn.

Producing, disseminating, or possessing child pornography is illegal under federal law. Thus, individuals who are accused of it could be sentenced to a class E felony.

Possession or dissemination of child pornography can get you up to 25 years in prison. It gets even worse for a repeat sex offender, who may be subject to even harsher punishments from the child pornography charges.

Online Solicitation

Online solicitation, which can include sexual assault, is a type of cybersex crime that is becoming a huge concern in the United States, and locally in Michigan.

This is the act of enticing a minor into sexual acts through the use of the internet. Examples of this vice include sending sexually explicit text messages, i.e. sexting, or photographs to a minor. People who set up meetings with minors for sex or attempt to have virtual intercourse with minors are likely to be charged with such cyber sex crimes.

Michigan’s Online Solicitation Law

Under Michigan law, anyone who is 18 years of age or older that tries to encourage, invite, or convince a minor to participate in sexual acts using the internet can be charged with this crime. Online solicitation involves the use of the internet to entice a minor into inappropriate conduct for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Defense Strategies in Cybersex Crime Cases

If you have been accused of a cybersex crime, it is important that you get the help of an experienced cybersex crime attorney as soon as possible. A skilled sex crimes lawyer will be able to come up with a strong defense strategy. They will help you fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

There are several ways that a sex crimes defense attorney may use to defend you against cybersex crime charges.

The Evidence in Cyber Sex Crimes

One common approach is to challenge the evidence against you.

This could include arguing that the evidence was obtained illegally or that it was tampered with. This means that the prosecution cannot use this evidence against you in court. Only experienced sex offender lawyers will be able to carefully examine evidence of this nature.

Absence of Intent (mens rea)

You can also argue that you did not have the required intent to commit the crime. For example, if you are accused of distributing child pornography, your attorney may argue that you did not know that the images were of minors, or that you believed the individuals depicted were over the age of 18.

The Defense of Entrapment

It is also possible that your criminal sexual conduct attorney may argue that you were entrapped by an undercover agent.

This defense is not always easy to prove because you have to show that you were never going to commit the crime if it weren’t for the police inducement.

However, no matter what defense strategy is used, it is important to note that every case is different. Past results do not guarantee similar outcomes in the future. This is why it is important to have an experienced CSC defense attorney by your side. One who can carefully look at the facts of your case and develop a criminal sexual conduct defense strategy that is customized for your particular set of facts.

Consequences of an Internet Sex Crimes Conviction

Convicted cybersex offenders may also be subject to civil sanctions in addition to criminal ones.

No Jobs for Sex Offenders

Due to the stigma and unfavorable connotations attached to these crimes, very few employers are ready to accept someone who has a history of sexual misconduct.

Many organizations may be reluctant to hire people who have a history of committing sex crimes because they believe that they pose a risk to their reputation, customers, or employees.

Even if they are otherwise suitable for the job, those with a history of criminal sexual conduct may find it challenging to acquire employment as a result. Furthermore, Michigan sex offenders are not allowed to work in a student safety zone.

This will further restrict the work opportunities open to these people. Therefore, those with a history of sex offenses will have a hard time getting and/or keeping a job, which can have a big influence on their capacity to provide for themselves and their family.

Sex Offenders Struggle to Rent Apartments

Most landlords are reluctant to rent to someone who has been charged with sex crimes.

Even after serving your prison sentence, you may find it difficult to rebuild your life due to the stigma attached to being on the sex offender registry.

Hire the Experienced Legal Team at Blank Law, PC

If you have been charged with a cybersex crime, you need to contact an experienced cybersex attorney as soon as possible. An attorney like Nicole Blank Becker and her team will help you start building your defense to fight the criminal offense charges against you.

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