CSC 4th Degree Michigan Penalty

If you have been charged or are under investigation for a 4th-degree CSC, our experienced Michigan criminal sexual conduct lawyers can help you. Contact us now. 4th-degree criminal sexual conduct is a high misdemeanor/low felony, punishable by imprisonment for not more than two years, a fine of not more than $500, or both.

Probation is a common outcome for a 4th-degree CSC penalty. Additionally, you will be required to register as a sex offender with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry and whether the public sees that information depends on the age of the alleged victim.

Tier 1 Offender

When it comes to the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, if you are charged with fourth-degree CSC with an adult, you will be a tier 1 level, and have to register for 15 years.

Tier 2 Offender

If you are charged with criminal sexual conduct 4th degree with a child between the ages of 13-17, you will be a tier 2 level, and have to register for 25 years.

Tier 3 Offender

If you are charged with CSC 4th degree in Michigan with a child under the age of 13, you will be a tier 3 level offender and have to register for life.

Only a Michigan criminal sexual conduct attorney, like Nicole Blank Becker, who has done thousands of sexual contact, sexual assault, and criminal sexual conduct cases can properly navigate such a serious felony offense charge of sexual contact to get you the best results that you, or a person you know, deserve.

Breaking Down the Requirements for CSC 4th Degree:

  • Intentional unwanted sexual touching of intimate parts.
  • Intentional touching of the clothing covering the immediate area of intimate parts for sexual arousal or sexual gratification or in a sexual manner for revenge, to inflict humiliation, or out of anger.
  • The accuser suffers from a mental disease or defect that renders them temporarily or permanently incapable of appraising the nature of his or her conduct.
  • The accuser is rendered temporarily incapable due to the influence of a narcotic, anesthetic, or other substance administered without his or her consent.
  • The accuser has a mental illness, is intellectually disabled, or has a developmental disability.
  • The accuser is unconscious, asleep, or for any other reason has a physical disability that makes them unable to communicate their unwillingness to act.
  • Force or coercion was used to overcome the accuser through the actual application of physical force or physical violence;
  • Bodily injury, disfigurement, mental anguish, chronic pain, pregnancy, disease, or loss or impairment of a sexual or reproductive organ.

Hire A CSC Attorney

When a charge of non-consensual sexual assault/sexual contact occurs, it does not require any witnesses. The state can proceed forward even without any other evidence other than the accuser’s accusations. Which means you can face a two-year felony just based on one person’s word.

While fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct is a two-year misdemeanor crime, the criminal justice system treats it as if it is a felony. Meaning, typically a misdemeanor charge is handled only at the district court level, while a felony charge is handled first at the district court level and then it is completed at the circuit court level.

This is why you need to seek legal advice from a Michigan criminal sexual conduct attorney who is beyond familiar with handling 4th-degree criminal sexual conduct charges. You need the experience and knowledge of Attorney Nicole Blank Becker, who can run circles around the competition.

Do not hesitate! Do not wait! If you have been accused or charged with a criminal sexual conduct crime contact us today for your free, confidential consultation!

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